Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today was another day full of shopping. I'm having so much fun spending the gift cards for Bella. She's going to be one styling lil lady haha. My thankful thursday goes out to all of those people who gave Bella gift cards. Bella LOVES all of the b-day gifts everyone got her and it's as if her birthday continues on with all the gifts she continues to get, while spending the gift cards, so THANK YOU!!! :)

I also got Alaina's halloween costume. Bella is going to use Alaina's older flower costume and Alaina is going to be a butterfly. I also got them both the fairy sets at TCP. There are so many halloween activities going on in our mommy group's, so I figure they can wear them to at least one of them. 

Today is the first Pens game in the new stadium and then a new Jersey Shore, so we got chinese take out and wings. LOL! The wings are obviously for my wing-loving hubby. ;) Then I'm going to try getting some cleaning done before I go to bed. We have a very busy weekend ahead of us and I don't want the house to fall behind. Wish me luck please :) Goodnight everyone!

Here are some very amusing pics from yesterday. Bella is one funny lil girl. Her sense of humor is just like her daddys'. I love it! :)
 Our lazy wednesday
 Bella doing the jig LOL!
 Bella baby

 Gotta love her bead head ;)
 This pic cracks me up!

 Why is your hair sticking up sissy? haha
 I love this pic! I caught Bella sneezing. She's so cute!
 Whose going to clean this mess?
 Having some tea.
Bella and Alaina playing with their toys

They have so much fun together