Friday, October 8, 2010

5 ? Friday

1.What was the last thing you dropped on the kitchen floor? A piece of pumpkin bread. Wasn't long before Doser ran over and ate it haha.

2.What cough drops do you like, and do they work very well? I like Ludens Honey Lemon cough drops. They probably don't work as well as the nasty tasting ones, but they help.  Ludens Cough Drops Bag Honey Lemon - 30 Drops / Bag, 12 Bags

3.Who was the last person you dropped off somewhere? Hmmm.... I'm guessing it was my friend Jen after we went out for lunch.

4.When were you ever dropped like a bad habit? LOL! Live and let die. :)

5.What are your favorite kind of raindrops? The really big ones when hitting a puddle and then causes that ripple effect. Something very refreshing about it.