Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Bella! (Part 2)


On September 21st my baby girl turned 1!!! It seems like yesterday, when I was holding this beautiful 7lbs 5oz baby girl in my arms and now she's 1!!! On her real Birthday we went shopping, got lunch then ordered out pizza and watched the new Tinkerbell movie. Of course, Bella got a practice run at her cake smashing too. Daddy and I never gave up "hope" having you honey and in return God blessed us with Bella Hope



Photobucket Opening gifts


Photobucket Happy 1st Birthday Bella!


PhotobucketSinging Happy Birthday

Photobucket Sissy helped blow out her candle

Photobucket Want some sissy?

Photobucket Yummy

PhotobucketAlaina wanted to put some icing on her face too.haha

PhotobucketWant a kiss?


Photobucket Sissy, are you sure that this gift wasn't for you? haha

Photobucket Our Birthday girl. Happy 1st Birthday honey!

Last Saturday (9-25-10) was Bella's 1st Birthday Party. Bella was blessed with so many loved ones to share her special day with her. Thank you everyone who came! It means so much to us and Bella enjoyed every minite of it.

Photobucket Guess what? Today is your party!!!!

Photobucket With my girls


Photobucket Waiting for the birthday girl to wake up from her nap.

PhotobucketWaiting for her smash cake


PhotobucketShould I keep it clean or tear that cupcake up? haha


PhotobucketShe's up to no good lol

Photobucket The beautiful cupcakes Ashley made

Photobucket Bella with daddy

PhotobucketThanks Ash!

PhotobucketGoing, going

Photobucketand GONE! We didn't actually think she would blow out the candle and before we sang Happy Birthday. LOL! We just did things a lil backwards and sang after she blew her candle out. I heard that's good luck anyways.haha

PhotobucketNow what? haha


PhotobucketWhere do I begin?


PhotobucketLove her!

PhotobucketWe all patiently waited for her to make a mess.

PhotobucketBut she wasn't so sure

PhotobucketCan someone help me here?

PhotobucketIt took Ash to tear it open and then the fun started!



PhotobucketSissy joined in


PhotobucketWant some?

PhotobucketBella with her smash cupcake

Photobucket I think my eyes are bigger than my tummy.

Photobucket getting cleaned up

Photobucket Marilyn with her baby Paco haha

Photobucket With my good friend Heidi

Photobucket Adorable Lexi

Photobucket Stef with her daughter Lexi

Photobucket Allison

Photobucket My cousin Grant with his son Dylan

Photobucket Giving mommy hugs

PhotobucketSue, Annette, Kathy and Loretta. Thanks for coming!


Photobucket Alaina and Bella with their Pappy 9/25/10

Photobucket Bella with her Great Grandma Ross

Photobucket Bella telling Great Gram secrets lol!


Photobucket With Sammie and Bella 9/25/10

Photobucket Thanks Jay, Jen and Cam!

Photobucket This hawk graced us with his presence off and on during Bella's party. The neat thing about it, is that Matt asked his dad to be at Bella's party, afterall she was born on his birthday! Well, his dad liked red tailed hawks. Not sure if that's what it was, but still! Love when things like this happen.

Photobucket Checking out that hawk

Photobucket Braden enjoying a pop. So cute!

Photobucket Justin playing cornhole

Photobucket gifts



Photobucket Landon and Bella

Photobucket Alaina



PhotobucketAmanda and Bella

Photobucket Someone is ready for a nap

Photobucket Pin the candle on the cupcake

Photobucket Dylan's turn

Photobucket Alaina's turn

Photobucket Allison's turn

Photobucket Alaina enjoying a lolly

Photobucket Ethan's turn

PhotobucketJordan's turn

Photobucket Sammie's turn

Photobucket Jordan with his prize

Photobucket Guys chatting away

Photobucket Cupcakes Ashley made

Photobucket Allison and Braden in the bouncer

Photobucket Can't forget the Stang

Photobucket Sammie in the bouncer

Photobucket Jumping away


Photobucket Birthday girl

Photobucket Alaina with her buddy Jason

Photobucket The beautiful mommy to be

Photobucket friends and family

PhotobucketSammie and Jon

Photobucket Sammie helping Alaina pull the string on the pinata

Photobucket Ethan being shy

Photobucket Candy!

Photobucket Ethan picking up candy

PhotobucketI love candy!

Photobucket Alaina and Allison

Photobucket Walt with his son Braden

Photobucket Stef helping her kiddos pick up candy

Photobucket Lexi with her candy

PhotobucketAlaina with her candy

Photobucket Checking out her gift bag

Photobucket Alaina where's your socks? Hmm.... I'm not sure Sammie. haha
PhotobucketBella with her daddy and Goddaddy


PhotobucketFamily and friends

PhotobucketJay being goofy haha

Photobucket That baby's laugh was so cute! Thanks Brenda, Nikki and Megan!

Photobucket Love it! Thanks to the Congdon,Hill and Luebert Family.

Photobucket Look at her face! Lol

Photobucket Thanks Aunt Anne and Chris!

Photobucket She loves her doll. Thanks Uncle John, Aunt Annette and family!

Photobucket I want it now! haha

Photobucket Thanks Grant, Stef and family! I love singing with sissy.

Alaina loved that doll
Photobucket My nephew went through his room and picked out a bag full of toys to give to his baby cuz. So sweet and thoughtful he is. Thanks E!

Photobucket What is it mommy?

Photobucket Thanks Great Gram!

Photobucket Birthday girl

Photobucket Waving to the hawk

Photobucket Aunt Sandy makes the prettiest cards. Thanks for the bond and gifts Uncle Lou and Aunt Sandy.

Photobucket What do we have here? haha

Photobucket Opening gifts

Photobucket 9/25/10

Photobucket A doll to go in the tub! Thank you Margolin family.

Photobucket A tea set! Thank you Cliff and Alicia!

Photobucket Matt, Ashley and their dog Susie

Photobucket With Pappy again

Photobucket With Uncle Justin


What a precious bundle of joy you are
Cute from head to toe
You melt my heart with your sweetness
Everywhere you go
You're a very special gift
Descended from heaven above
The most perfect little angel
Sent for us all to love.

With all my love and best wishes
for your very 1st birthday.

Love Always,
Your Mommy


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad she had a great birthday and party! She's adorable!