Monday, November 29, 2010

Nothing Tangled About It

On Wednesday (11/24/10)  I took Alaina to her first theater movie and that movie was Tangled 3D. I was a lil worried that she would get bored, but that wasn't the case at all. I guess all those sunglasses had her prepared for this movie, because she wore them the WHOLE time. I was amazed!

Not only did she sit and wear her glasses through the whole movie, she giggled and enjoyed the experience. You should have seen us trying to grab things and move away when the water came our way. I think Tangled may be my new favorite Disney movie. It was such a cute movie. I highly recommend it.

If our night wasn't awesome enough, we were then greeted by snow flurries! Alaina and I just twirled in the parking lot and laughed. Our night went smooth and tangle free. I cherish these moments with my girls. Before long I will be taking two lil princesses to the movies. I can't wait!

Alaina is ready to go in her Tangled shirt, dolls and 3D glasses.

Bella and daddy has a nice evening together also :)

Love that look!

Visiting Lil Sis

On Sunday, I took the girls to see their Aunt Kelly. After a few wrong turns and being an hour late, we finally arrived lol. I even used the GPS. Me and Pittsburgh don't mesh well. :/

It turned out to be a nice visit though. The girls just adore their "Aunt Kelwy". Her groups house has a wonderful play area for the kids, so that hour went by fast. Alaina didn't want to leave, but I promised her that we'd come back, so she agreed to put her coat on.

I'm so happy that Kelly is doing well, and I pray that she continues this journey to a long and healthy life for her and her son. I look forward to the day we can hang out like sisters again. It's nice to find people you can be yourself around without any drama. I have faith that she will do it this time. I love you lil sis and thank you for the sweet card! It put tears in my eyes. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Bella with her Aunt Kelly
Here's a pic of Ethan and "His special girl" this morning.
Alaina enjoying her Olivia dress up chest. Thanks Uncle Doug, Aunt Melissa, Becca, James and Max!

Santa Arrival Pajama Party!

Last Saturday (11/20/10) before Dylan's 6th birthday party, I took Alaina and Ethan to a Santa arrival pajama party. It was sooo much fun! The kids got to wear their pjs, eat cookies and punch, go down a huge inflatable slide, play twister, make reindeer food, trade bracelets, make ornaments, play games and dance with Radio Disney Road Crew, visit with Santa, and then heard a Christmas story read by Santa.

It also kicked off their first annual pajama drive for the needy, so I had Ethan and Alaina donate some pjs. It's nice to give back. I hope to do a lot more of that with the kids, so that they can understand the value of giving. Matt wants the girls to go through their toys every year and pick what they want, so that we can donate them.

I was also thinking of taking the girls to visit the patients at the nursing home I used to work at. It broke my heart when the patients had no visitors during the holidays. Those are the most lonesome of times for them, so I was hoping to do something like that this year to. My girls put a big smile on my face every morning, so I know they would do the same for them.

Anyways, here are some pics of our Santa pj party.
Checking out all the pretty Christmas decor
With their goody bags
Ethan trading bands and Alaina enjoying the doll she got for donating pjs
Yes, that is my lil cupcake dancing in front of everyone lol! She boogied until she realized everyone was smiling at her. haha
"Santas coming!"
Ethan hid behind Alaina lol!
Santa arrived on a trolley. It was such a cute way to surprise the kids.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Santa came over and said Hello to Alaina. :)
Santa talking with Radio Disney
Making reindeer food.
Ethan and Alaina with their reindeer food
Alaina with Santa <3
Playing Twister
Again with Santa

Ethan going up the slide
Ethan going down the slide
Alaina's turn
Waiting for Storytime with Santa
At the Pj party
Storytime with Santa
Thank you Santa <3

Friday, November 26, 2010

Light Up Night 11/19/10

Last Friday we went to Light Up Night in Pittsburgh.  It was a wonderful night, well for the most part. We were having a lot of fun looking at the gingerbread houses, seeing all the x-mas lights, visiting with Santa, eating pizza and watching the firework display.

Then just like that our enjoyable night ended in fear. We were walking to our car when across the street there were a bunch of people huddled in a group. We thought nothing of it until we saw all the police coming over.

They had about seven canine units, ambulances and a ton of police with batons and what not. It was scary. I guess there were fights breaking out and even a shooting! It was all over the news.

After seeing that, I stopped one of the moving shuttle buses and asked him to let us get on please. Thankfully he did. We sat in the overcrowded bus while all of this chaos was going outside. It took awhile for us to get back, but that was ok. I was just glad the kids were safe.

As you can see it did get a little crazy towards the end, but we didn't allow it ruin our night.  Once we left the parking lot and drove onto the bridge, the fireworks started, so we parked our car on the side along with some other viewers. The view was amazing. I don't think we will chance it next year. Maybe we will start a new family tradition. “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family
Look at the cute lil fakers haha

Ethan is excited
So is Alaina
Bella's first time to Light Up Night
Ethan showing his cuz the pretty lights

Light Up Night 11/19/10

Checking out the Gingerbread houses
They are so cute!
She loved all the lights.
By the big PPG tree
Matt with his girls and nephew
With the girls and Ethan
Waiting for Santa
Ethan liked Santa from afar haha
Bella and daddy
So pretty!
11/19/10 Light Up Night
Fireworks from the bridge
Grand Finale