Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alaina is in Preschool!

Hello strangers! It's been a very long while, since I've posted a blog, but I'm going to try to be more regular now that Summer is almost over. I hope all of you are well and had a wonderful Summer <3

On September 1st our little princess started preschool! I can not get over the fact that I now have a preschooler! Everyone tells me how fast time flies and to enjoy every moment of my girl's life, because in a blink of an eye they will be in school. I could have sworn someone just told me that yesterday, or so it seemed! Well, guess what? That day has come and I don't know how to grasp it. :/

I know it's only preschool and she will have two years of it, but still! My oldest is old enough to go into a classroom, interact with other children and continue learning about the wonders of the world! This is the part you realize that your child is no longer an infant, rather a little person who will one day be an adult herself and everything she does now will have some kind of an effect on who she will be in the future. Pretty scary if you ask me lol! I'm just going to have to accept it and pray for God's guidance, because whether I like it or not my girls are will continue to grow lol!

Anyways, now that I got that all out, Alaina had her orientation on August 30th. This was just a day for the children and their parents could go to get aquainted with the other students, classroom, teachers and what not.

Here's a pic with her in front of her preschool and another with one of her classmates. They both just stood there giggling at eachother. It was adorable!

Once everyone got in the classroom, there were little project stations set up for the students. The first station Alaina got to make a personalized name sheet, where she decorated a peice of paper with whatever drawings, stickers, and pictures that described herself. Great idea!

Let's just say there was a lot of pink, purple, princess stickers and glitter included on hers :)

At the next station, the student along with their parents made a handprint painting together. Alaina had a blast painting my hand with big globs of red paint lol! Gotta love the washables! :)

With my baby, I mean  my big girl ;)

After preschool, I surprised her with her bookbag. I had her pick out the one she wanted online, but didn't realize how small the preschool size is, so she will probably use the Disney one pappy got her instead.

September 1st 2011, Alaina starts preschool!

It's hard to believe that this tiny little 7lb 5oz baby girl has growned into this beautiful young lady,


Even though we got school clothes awhile ago. The night before we went out to the store and had Alaina pick out her own 1st day outfit. She loved the idea and got her even more excited lol. Maybe we will make it a tradition. <3

Sissy was excited too lol!

One day they will be both in school :(

Family pic with our girls <3


One proud mommy <3

With her buddy Emily before school

Bella, Emily and Alaina


Love her!

Alaina with her daddy

Alaina and daddy

Alaina and daddy again

Alaina with mommy <3

She loves her daddy <3

Saying bye bye to daddy before he leaves for work

There was a surprise in her bookbag in the morning :)

She loved her Fancy Nancy puppy <3

She wanted a pic by the "fowlers" :)

Going in

Wish I never had to let go :(

It's time to go in!

She's in!

Putting her bookbag in her cubby hole <3

Let's get this party started!

She's ready to tackle the world! Mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud to call you our daughter. May you find happiness in everything you do, make good life-long friends, learn the important things in life and remember that all things are possible. You just have to take that first step honey! We love you so very much Alaina Jean!