Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Matt!- Part 2

Last Saturday was Matt's 30th birthday party. We were hoping the weather man would be wrong once again and it could be outside, so that we could invite more people, but we had to play it safe, so the house wasn't a nuthouse lol!
 It did rain, but that didn't stop Matt from having a wonderful party. He was determined to have his bonfire too and later in the evening his wish came true. 
Thank you everyone who helped me or Matt in any way to make his party a success. He was all smiles and even a few happy tears that night. Much love!

 Happy Birthday my love! May you have many more years filled with love and happiness! I love you!

 Addison, Bella and Alaina reading the book

 The collage Alaina and I made for daddy

 Clif, Josh and Juli
 Ethan with his Uncle Matt

 Bella was having a blast with her buddies Josh and Juli
 I don't get it lol!

 The cake!
 Alaina with her cousin Ethan and Aunt Kelly

 Ethan didn't let his casts stop him from handing his Uncle Matt his gifts. So sweet of him!

 Watching Matt open gifts

 Lil helpers
 Matt's mom and sister made Matt a thoughtful book filled with pics throughout his life. It brought tears to his eyes. Very sweet!
 Ethan was determined to cook that marshmallow lol!

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