Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter-part 2

HAPPY EASTER!!! We had such a great Easter. It started off with the girls finding their Easter baskets. I had tears in my eyes from the reaction Alaina had when she found hers.
As soon as she saw that Pocahontas doll, she scooted over and just huddled there with a smile on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I'm sooo excited." How cute is that!

The reaction she made when she found out that her doll sings too!

Back to being shy haha
Bella's basket
Bella boo was excited too!
OOOOOO! A car!

Stamp set

Look sissy!

Just what I needed! More shoes! haha
Once hoppy girl
Chalk eggs

The dvd too!!!

She loved that bunny at the store. That's one observant Easter bunny.

Looking for the hidden eggs they dyed the night before
Silly bunny!
Taking pics by the pretty lily Matt got mommy

Of course I got spoiled on Easter too! I would have been happy with a card, but Matt got me a beautiful card, lily, and a Bahama Breeze gift card! He said that way we had to use it, which is perfect for a special someone who is turning 30 next week ;) (Matt) Love him so much! He got a basket full of his fav candy and an outfit for church, since he never knows what to wear haha. 

Our first stop was to my Grandma Ross's house. The girls just love seeing all their cousins. My gram has bunnies, chickens, cats and whatever else that's hanging around lol, so it's never a boring visit. Bella saw the bunnies before we went in and as soon as she saw pappy, she ran up to him and said with the most serious look on her face, "Pappy! I saw bunnies down there!" It was funny. 

Lexi and Lily showing some love on Easter

Bella with her Uncle Justin

Alaina with her pappy

Alaina and Bella with their cousin Ethan

Some of the great grandkids

They are so cute!

Our next stop was to my Grandma Durci's house. She had a non-traditional steak dinner, but it was sooo good! Once again the girls got spoiled with candy, gifts and gift cards. Thank you everyone!

Bella blue is never blue!
Opening gifts from U. Justin and A. Amanda
She loved it!
My girls

With their Aunt Kelly and cousin Ethan

Ethan with his mommy. Poor Ethan broke both of his wrists from falling off the monkey bars, but he's a trooper!

With Great Grandma Durci on Easter

The girls with Great Grandma Durci

With cousin Clay

We stopped at my dad's house for a short visit. Then it was to Grandma Daily's place for one last visit before mommy was ready for bed lol! The girls had a blast playing with their cousin Marcus and filling their bellies once again with delicious food. Thank you both for the Easter baskets and goodies. They will be good on candy for a long time haha.

It was another wonderful Easter spent with loved ones. I trust that you all had the same. Jesus has risen! Indeed he has! Happy Easter!

The girls with Grandma Daily 4/8/12

Happy Easter! Next year there will be three pretty girls in dresses on Easter. I can't wait!