Monday, April 2, 2012


Last week Bella and I went to Alaina's Easter worship, where the kids go down to sing songs and hear a story about Easter. Bella jumped right in there with the other kids and was dancing around. It was adorable. She is so ready for preschool!

Thursday Alaina had her Easter party at school. She came home with a bunch of goodies. It was like Easter before Easter! Those moms and teachers did a great job teaching the kids about the true meaning of Easter, because Alaina came home informing me about what she learned. I loved the part when she asked, "Mom, did you know that Jesus died on the cross, but he still lives in our hearts." Love it!
 Before her party

Saturday we took the girls to a different park for their Easter egg hunt. We usually go to the park near us, but next week is full, so we registered the girls for this one. I'm glad we did, because the girls had a lot of fun. It was a bit chilly, but luckily they were prompt with each age group. They even got to see the Easter bunny, which saved us a trip to the busy mall. Alaina was giving her high fives and hugs, but Bella only liked her from afar. I'm sure she will be bff's with the Easter bunny next year haha.

 Ready to go

 My loves
 High five

 Gotta love the sandal sticking out lol!

 Talking away and smiling when daddy kept their distance

 Too close for comfort
 Daddy! Get this thing away from me! lol!

 Happy girl again
 Waiting for the hunt to start

 With my girls <3

 Matt with his girls
 Watching the kids bat

 Alaina and mommy

 Bella's field

 Bella's field was first to go

 Loving it!
 She did great! Got her limit of 10 eggs

 Waiting for the countdown
 Enjoying her candy

 She wasted no time in grabbing her ten. I was laughing so hard watching this lil girl hopping from egg to egg with her hood on and counting each egg she picked up out loud. For some reason it was so cute and funny!

 Good job honey!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Cute pictures...but that's the scariest bunny I've ever seen!!!