Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marcus William is Born!!!

Yesterday, the 24th of June 2011 my sister-in-law and her fiance welcomed a baby boy to this world! His name is Marcus William and weighed 9.2 lbs. He's such a cute lil guy.

We all went to meet him yesterday and he's perfect! Congrats Anne and Chris! Best of luck with your new family and may God bless you with many more blessings! Much love.

Checking out Marcus's lil feet

Proud Auntie A

Proud Uncle Matt

The girls with their Auntie Anne 6/24/11

Bella with her maw maw

With my mother-in-law, girls and adorable nephew

She wants that baby haha!

Alaina and Bella admiring baby Marcus


I think he wants another ;)

Alaina and I with baby Marcus


She loves babies!

Daddy showing his baby her new baby cousin

Matt showing Bella how to touch the baby


God Bless Baby Marcus!

Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Years Down, Many More to Come

Five years ago on June 10th 2006 was the day that I married my best friend. I knew from day one I was going to be with this man forever and so far so good :) I love this man more everyday. I'm not just saying that either. He just continues to amaze me with his talents and kindness, and watching him with the girls just melts my heart. It's hard not to fall in love with him all over again. :)

Don't get me wrong, it's been an adventure with ups and downs, but at the end of the day we put that nonsense aside and remember what's important, and that's our life together with our girls. Most of our downs don't even have anything to do with us and ALL the ups will outweigh those downs anyday. :)

Just recently a friend of ours asked what our secret was and I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I'm not sure." Then after a brief moment of thinking about it, I went on to say that trust is a big thing and you can't forget what's important to you, because there are so many unkind people and things that want to make you feel as low as them and if you allow them to control your happiness, then you're allowing them to control every aspect in your life including your marriage!

Before we got married my mother-in-law gave me a book at my bridal shower called, "Married for Life" and she bookmarked a couple pages that were her fav. One was called, "You've got to have love, and you've got to know God.

The other page she bookmarked that I really like was called, "Believe that no matter what happens, things will work out right." I think all couples should read this excerpt with everything that's going on in the world.

It explains that most couples think that they have their entire lives mapped out. Then we run into delays and detours and we panic, but there's no need to panic when you turn to God. "I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Then when we got married a dear friend told Matt and I that, "A couple that prays together stays together." We take all of those pieces of advice to heart. <3

We try to go to church as much as possible, you often here me say if it's in God's will this or that will happen. God knows that I understand he's the one in charge. It feels so much better now that I stopped trying to control everything.

I'm done stressing over unkind people and situations that still to this day have yet to change. That was one of the downs in our relationship. I would allow outside stressors to take over what was most important to me and that was being a wife and mother to my family.

Now that I have the church, my gram, Matt and me praying for me to not allow those things to rule my life, I have been so much more at ease, which in turns makes me a better wife and mother. :) Don't get me wrong, my weight still bothers me and one of these days soon I WILL have the willpower to be a healthier me.

Also, every night Matt and I make sure that we make time for us and talk about our days. We never go to bed angry and we make sure that we pray for our loved ones and even those who trespass against us. God wants what is best for us and I know as long as we keep him in charge he will make us stronger than ever. :)

Another great peice of advice that was given to us recently was that you can't worry about making everyone happy, because those people who care will understand and those who make a fuss will never be happy, so do what makes you and your girls happy. It's very true!

One of my faults is that I want to make everyone happy and I don't like to hurt people's feelings even though at times I tend to, but at the end of the day the only one that's not happy is me or Matt, so now we try to find a happy medium.

Last piece of advice that comes to mind is from my grams. She told me that you have to have date nights with just you and Matt, because one day it will be just you and Matt again. How true!

Before going out on our Anniversary dinner/movie date night 6/11/11

We get so caught up being mommy and daddy that we sometimes forget that we are also Matt and Ashley, so we try to have as many date nights as possible. I love my girls to death and being a mommy is the most rewarding gift in the world, but it's a whole different feeling when you can just enjoy eachothers company and relive those high school days. It's like we are in our teens everytime we go to the movies lol! I love it!
Date night to see the Pgh roller derby 5/15/10

At Yough Lake 8/2010

Date night to the Nikelback concert 9/17/10


It wasn't long after we said "I do" when we started trying for a family and God blessed us with one precious angel. Alaina Jean Daily born 10/15/07.

We loved our family life so much that we decided to try for another a little over a year after Alaina was born. Once again God blessed us with another precious angel and right before Bella was born we bought our first house!

Bella Hope Daily born on 9/21/09

We definately have been blessed these past 5 years!

Some other exciting things that have happened during our 5 years of being married:

Our 1st Christmas together as a family. December 2007

1/28/09 Having lazy days with my baby
Alaina turns 6 months!

Alaina gets baptized! 4/25/08

Bella is 9 months!

Bella turns 1!

Alaina turns 1! 10/15/08

Alaina and Ethan's 1st time to the pumpkin patch 10/25/08

Ethan turns 4! 11/2/08

Alaina's 1st time sled riding 1/102009

Alaina's 1st camp trip 7/24/09

Alaina in pappy's pool 7/7/09

 10/15/2009 Alaina turns 2!

 Our first Halloween together with Alaina and Bella October 2009

Alaina and Bella's visit with Santa. December 2009
1st Family photos. December 2009
Bella gets baptized! 3/20/10

Bella's 1st time eating baby cereal 3/23/10

Alaina's 2nd fish Ariel 3/28/10

1st picnic with my girls 3/31/10

Bella's 1st Easter 4/4/10

Matt turns 28! 4/19/10
5/9/10 Mother's Day with Alaina and Bella

Matt brings Bambi back to a healthy condition, so that we could take her to a deer rehab. We got a call a few months ago. She's doing great and come back around to her farm for bananas :) 5/28/10

1st zoo trip with both Alaina and Bella June 3rd 2010

Matt's 1st Father's Day with Alaina and Bella 6/10/10
1st camp trip with both girls 6/2010

Mommy turns 27! 7/13/2010

The girls first time to the beach 7/30/10

1st time to Virgina Beach Aquarium 7/2010

Alaina sleeps in her big girl bed! 8/17/10

The girls 1st airshow 9/11/10

The girls 1st time at Living Treasures 9/14/10

Bella turns 1! 9/21/10
With my girls on Bella's 1st b-day party

Bella is 1!

Alaina's 3rd Birthday pics
Alaina turns 3! 10/15/10

1st time to the pumpkin patch with both girls 10/2010

Ethan turns 6!

Matt get's his dream truck 10/21/10

Alaina's 1st time to the Nutcracker 12/2010

Alaina's 1st trip to Rosebrook to visit the residents 12/21/10

1st Christmas Eve with both girls 2010

2nd Christmas pics with Alaina and Bella 12/2010

Christmas 2010

With our girls on Christmas 2010

St. Patty's Day 2011

Matt and I had our 10 year Anniversary of being together. 4/6/11

At the circus 4/11/11

First Easter bunny pics with Alaina and Bella 4/2011

Alaina's first time driving in her mustang 4/27/11

The girls having a Royal tea party to celebrat Prince William and Kate's wedding 4/29/11

The girls 1st time at McConnells Mill on Mother's Day

5/8/11 Mother's Day
Alaina's legs fit in Diamond's stirrups! 5/28/11
 1st swim this year 5/30/11

These are just a few good memories that I was able to capture. After going through my facebook albums, I can't help to thank God over and over, because I love my hubby so much and the life we created!

Our Anniversary was on Friday, so by time we got home all we wanted to do was relax, and that's what we did! On Saturday Matt and I went out for our Anniversary dinner and movie date. We had so much fun going to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and ended up going to see Hangover 2, since I was having a blonde moment when looking up the movie times for Bridesmaids haha. That was ok, it was still a funny movie.

The 5 year Anniversary gift tradition is wood. Matt and I were looking into buying a front door, but we need a custom size, so we are going to wait until next Spring. We ended up picking out a new computer desk though and yes it is wood. :) We almost got a new massaging recliner also, but after talking we would rather put that money into painting the outside of the house this Summer. I can't wait to get started on that!

I can't beleive we have 5 years down! It's not much compared to many others, but hey we beat many celebrity marriages and so far I still enjoy being around my husband, so I think we are off to a great start haha! Happy 5 Year Anniversary Matthew! I love you so much!
With our lil cupcakes :)