Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Super Bowl Sunday (2/6/11)

Wow! I've been so busy these past few weeks that I forgot to post about the Super Bowl between the Steelers and Green Bay.  Sadly we didn't win, but that didn't stop us from having a good time at Johnny and Annette's house. Better luck next year boys!

Bella showing her gram some love

Landon and Alaina with her cupcake face in the stang haha

She's a crazy driver man!

Landon and Alaina in the mustang :)

Bella boo

Alaina pie

Kathy and Annette

Chris and Anne

Landon baby
My adorable great nephew Landon

So cute!
Alaina and Bella playing with Sammie and Landon

Landon can't believe what's going on with the game :)

I can't listen to this game any longer! Give me Bella's hat please. haha

Better luck next year boys!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

I just love Valentine's Day! There's something so sweet about all the pretty red, pink and white hearts, flowers and decorations reminding us of love. More now that I have my prince charming and two lil valentines in my life.

I love you Matthew!

I love them so much!
My angels <3

This year we did a lot of fun things like making and sending V-day cards, made some other V-day crafts and gifts, baked heart shaped foods and even went to a fun Valentine's Day party. 

Made a V-day decoration with the candy box Matt gave me last year.

Back of the girl's V-day box

The inside. I used an old card box that was already divided, so I made one side Alainas' and the other Bellas'.

The front. Too bad I forgot it on the day of the party :( I was pretty sad, but I did use it on V-day by filling it up with their smaller gifts. <3

The V-day pudding parfaits I made my family <3

Bella enjoyed what she got in her belly lol.

Alaina also enjoyed her dessert

But thought it was more fun to play in lol!

Valentine's Party
Alaina showing her friend some love <3

I thought it was so nice of Lauren to allow the kids to color on her windows with dry erase markers. Very brave she is :)

Bella with her valentine :)

Being shy at first

Didn't last long :)

Clapping to the music

The heart pepperoni bread I made for the party

Alaina handing out her valentines

New Era Moms Valentine's Day party

Alaina on the other hand got some nasty bug on Saturday and it continued until Wednesday, so Matt and I decided to put our Valentines day dinner/movie date aside to be with her. It broke my heart to see her this sick, but we tried to make the best of it and keep her comfortable and happy. Luckily, she was able to enjoy most of the Valentines Day fun beforehand.

This is all she did for two days straight :(

Even though Alaina wasn't feeling herself on Valentines Day, the girls loved thier gifts from mommy and daddy. They got candy, clothes, tights, sunglasses, Miss Spider's Happy Heart's Day dvd, Bella got a ballerina purse, rainboots, Alaina a sunglass case and make-up, each got pillow pets that open into a sleeping bag, V-day hair accessories, be mine sandals, each got a book, jewelry and V-day cards mommy made them. (TCP and Marshalls were having a BIG sale lol!:)

I gave them thier pillow pet sleeping bags on Saturday, since Alaina wasn't feeling well. I'm so glad that I did, because it brought a smile on her adorable lil face and Bella loved rolling all around on hers. :)

V-day was on a monday this year, so I thought it would be nice to have a heart shaped pizza and a dozen wings delivered to Matt's work for lunch. They also added a lil note on the box from me. The pizza looked great and Matt loved it. I also got him a Pens hat, made him a salmon dinner on Saturday, candy, card, and breakfast with heart shaped eggs lol.

Matt's heart shaped eggs, toast and a blueberry pancake wrapped sausage on a stick breakfast lol!

Thank you Monte Cellos for doing a great job!

Matt spoiled me by coming home with a dozen roses, my favorite Dove chocolate and a beautiful card, but that's not it! Awhile ago, we were laying in bed and I switched the channel to QVC and saw this pink and white Vera Bradley purse and said how pretty it was, but didn't want to spend the money on it.

Well, he ordered it for me! I love it! What else that meant so much to me was, after work he called me and asked how our day was and I told him how sick Alaina was and that I just felt drained.

Well, he surprised me by stopping at Starbucks to get me a coffee and made grilled chicken ceasar salads and garlic bread for dinner. He's so good to us. I couldn't have asked for a better father and husband. I love you Matthew!

Alaina felt better in the afternoon and was looking forward to giving daddy the gifts they made him and wanted to make another craft, so I got some yarn, glue and wax paper out to make this cute lil ornament that she ended up giving to pappy.

Daddy loved his "handmade gifts" (they made hearts on the card and sign they made him by using thier hands) so much that he hung them up at work. It melted my heart the way they looked up at him when he said thank you and gave them hugs. <3<3<3

2/14/11 Hugs for the gifts
The gifts they made daddy

Valentine's Day pics of the girls 2/14/11

Opening the gifts from mommy and daddy

Poor Alaina was afraid to get up, because "she might get sick." :(


Starting to feel better

Happy Valentine's Day girls! We <3 You!


Making pappy a gift

After a couple days or when the glue is dried, you can peel off the wax paper and have a cute lil ornament

Even though my Alaina pie was sick, it did turn out to be a wonderful Valentine's Day week. I hope everyone else enjoyed thiers as well. We love you!