Saturday, November 24, 2012


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan and Trick or Treat!

The first Saturday of November was my handsome nephew Ethan's 8th birthday party at Mars library. This was my sister's first time planning a party and I must admit, she did an awesome job. Ethan was all smiles, the girls enjoyed themselves and it was nice seeing everyone who came. Even Matt ended up leaving work in time to make it. Everyone worked together to get the place clean and we made it for trick-or-treat in a timely manner. Couldn't have asked for a smoother day. Happy 8th Birthday Ethan! We love you!

Some of Ethan's friends dressed up, so they could go straight to trick-or-treat. They looked awesome!
Ethan, Alaina and Bella being silly

Ethan's cool Avenger themed came
opening gifts

beautiful Lily
The girls with their pappy
Bella REALLY enjoying her cookie

Marcus with his daddy
Happy Birthday to you!

Bella and Landon


 Bella the "happy" mouse lol
 Alaina the Care Bear
 There's the happy girl I know!
Caylin the elephant. She was so good and slept most of the time. 


 With my lil mouse

 Annette with her grandson Dustin
 Anne and Chris with their son Marcus
 Sammie with her boys

 Bella and daddy

Great night !

 Caylin's 1st trick-or-treat

Bella enjoying some candy, while sissy got to spend the night at grams.