Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 I trust that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween, especially since most of us have to wait to go trick-or-treating until Saturday due to hurricane Sandy. 

This year we had to skip zoo-boo and the pumpkin patch also thanks to the bad weather, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the Halloween season. 

We still had a lot of fun with pumpkin carving, baking, Halloween movies, spooky lunches and dinner, parades, trick-or-treating at the mall, Halloween party, crafts, receiving goodies from loved ones, dress-up dance party in the living room and we were even told that  our Bella boo's pic from the Ingomar parade will be in the North Journal coming up!  

Plus it will continue with the "lovely" calorie-filled sugary treats the kids will receive on Saturday lol! Happy Halloween!

 The girls with their cousin Ethan, the wizard lol

 Caylin enjoying her exersaucer

 Caylin enjoyed it the most lol

 The rain didn't stop us!

 My adorable lil lamb
 My lil giraffe
 Luckiest wife/mother in the world!
 Bella's fav, a bulldog
 Sitting in the firetruck

Tinkerbell, Cinderella and scary piggy face :) 

 Carving pumpkins with daddy

Enjoying some Edward Sissorhands and pumpkin seeds

What a cute lil pumpkin!

 The girls with their pumpkins

Before going trick-or-treating at the mall 

 It don't look crazy now, because we got there early enough, but I don't think we will be going there again.

My adorable nephew 

 Before the parade at Alaina's preschool
 With my adorable girls. I love them soooo much!

 Being all shy haha
 Cute lil carebear
 Came home from preschool to a awesome bouquet of cake pops! Thanks Auntie Anne! They were delicious!

 Such a great and thoughtful idea!

 Alaina making jack-o-lantern feet lol
 Halloween toes and fingers haha
 Caylin's 1st Halloween
She melts my heart 

 Dressing up and dancing away lol! Silly girls

LOL! Great job Alaina! 

Halloween treats from mommy and daddy. Caylin got a new My 1st Halloween shirt. 

 The girl's lunch with string cheese and pepperoni fingers, jack-o-lantern chicken sandwhich and black gross juice lol!
Spaghetti monster for dinner



Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Such cute pictures! They looked adorable!