Monday, January 28, 2013

Bella's 1st Time Ice skating

On 1/13/13 we took the girls ice skating at a local outdoor rink. It was Bella's 1st time trying it out and she loved it!  She was having more fun falling on purpose than anything, but we were surprised how well both of them kept their ankles straight. They are naturals like their daddy. Before we know it, Caylin will be joining her big sisters. Maybe Matt will have his hockey players after all.

Matt with two of his ladies 
 She looks so grown up here

 My baby girls 1st time skating
Too tight dad! lol

 That's better dad

 Caylin and I were the cheerleaders
sweet angel

 So cute!

Daddy showing her how to balance

He's such a great dad!

Love this pic!

 Watching her sissy go on the ice
 Love those cheeks!
 Loving it
 Such a big girl

 Alaina out again

 She never fails to surprise me


 Great balance honey~

 The skates

 She's even posing while on the ice lol

 Not sure what that kid is
Love my family so much!
  That concludes Bella's 1st time ice skating. Have a nice night!