Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I seriously can't believe tomorrow will start the countdown of "Twelve days of Christmas". We are going to give the 12 days of cookie baking another try this year lol! We shall see if mommy can keep up haha. 

Matt had to go to Honda school again this year, which I'm not too thrilled about, but neither is he, so I'm having my own little countdown til my hubby's home. We miss him so much already. 

Luckily, we are keeping busy. Got all my cards sent out today, put up some more lights, finished the last of my Christmas shopping, did another craft with the girls and have been watching Christmas movies all day. 

We had a slumber party in the living room by the tree last night, which was fun. The girls brought out ALL their blankets, pillows and a ton of stuffed animals and we just cuddled all night. It was sweet. 

Tomorrow is Alaina's Christmas program.. Then I promised the girls we'd start our cookie baking with some chocolate chip cookies to take to my in-laws for an evening of hot cocoa, cookies and Christmas movies after we go visit Santa's house. My sister and nephew will be joining us too. What better way to start our 12 days of Christmas on 12/12/12 with family and traditions. God is so good! 
 Bella making hand print snowflakes

Making hand print snowflakes

 With their works of art 11/29/12
I made Alaina's Christmas dress this year. She loved it!

PhotobucketEnjoying the porch swing lights, while daddy is putting up more lights
helping daddy put some more lights up
Just chilling on the porch with her dolls while daddy decoratesShe begged me to "Just sit with her dolls on the swing, so daddy wasn't alone." How could you say no to that. Love her!
Talking away to her dolls. 
playing while daddy decorates lol
One of mommy's fav gifts;)Caylin enjoyed the lights too!
All my girls are my fav gifts :)
PhotobucketShe melts my heart!
Caylin's 1st Christmas 2012
Dad you look pretty buff here lol! (5 months)
My 1st Christmas 1983 <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
The lights are up!
It's snowing 12/11/12
Going to grams for a "Thanksmas" dinner :)Matt's mom went to her other son's house in Phili for Thanksgiving this year, so when she came back we had a "Thanksmas" dinner. It was delicious!
PhotobucketI put the girls in red and brown for the "Thanksmas" dinner lol! I'm so corny, but I love it! 
PhotobucketMy lil turkey 12/1/12
 12/3/12 Alaina has been sneaking in our room at night, so mommy surprised her with some purple lights on her bottom bunk. She loved them so much! She even asked me to bring Caylin in, so she could show her. It adorable to watch.

painting the ornaments they made at grams 12/4/12

doing her advent calendar she made at schoolThe start of the advent calendar
1st peice of candy out of their advent house1st day of the advent house

Caylin is 4 months! 12/3/12

Caylin trying on the infamous Don DeLuise cap haha 12/11/12

Beautiful candle holder our neighbor gave me. 

St. Nick came! 12/6/12
St. Nicholas Day 12/6/12
Love this tradition 12/6/12
He left a card!
Santa left a card!
Daddy watched from his truck before he left for work.
Matt was just leaving when the girls ran out the front door and he must have seen them, because he reversed back  up to the driveway and watched them get their good-filled shoes. It was so sweet! 
Silly girls 
Is this coal? hmmm.....
Was I bad? lol
Was I bad? haha
Silly St. Nick!
Bella didn't mind lol
They even made one for Caylin
Making necklaces for them and sissy

Caylin's 1st tree picking experience lolCaylin's 1st tree buying experience
Tree is picked out
We pulled into Lowes and crossed paths with this stressed out looking family coming out in the rain with a wrapped tree on their cart. The Dailys walk in, picked out a tree in like two minutes, paid, and we all laughed while daddy carried our unwrapped tree to the truck before the others were even done tying theirs down. The guy just looked at Matt with this big smile on his face, probably calling us rednecks or something a long those lines,but that's how the Dailys' do things around here lol.

Tree is up!
Admiring the lights
Caylin loved the lights
She is so cute!
Loving the tree

Alaina enjoying the town

Alaina got to put up the star this year



Photobucketenjoying daddy's train lol

PhotobucketBella putting up her ornament

Photobucketputting up ornaments
Evans City, Santa is Coming to Town
by the lit treeby the lit tree
Santa lit the treeI caught the tree being lit at the exact time.
Photobucketwaving to Santa
So cute!
We hear Santa!!!
With my adorable nephew MarcusWith my nephew Marcus
They love their cousin MarcusThey love cousin Marcus
Caylin liked Santa this year hahaCaylin loved Santa this year 12/8/12
PhotobucketWent to see Santa at the Evans City Santa is Coming to Town
Cousins with Santa
Cousin with Santa
Caylin and gramCaylin with gram
With my baby girlWith my baby girl

 Marcus with Santamy nephew with Santa 12/8/12
My girls
Love them SOOOOO much!my girls with Santa
Alaina was shy, but did tell santa that she would like an "notetab" (InnoTab)Alaina was shy at first
Alaina was shybut told Santa she wanted a InnoTab
She wants a hamster
Thinking about it....
She's so funnyShe wants "a whittle hamster"
Alaina wearing her "favorite americorn shirt" to preschool 

And just to think we still have two weeks to go! I can't say it enough, but we are truly blessed. Oh! and Don't forget! Santa is watching! hehe