Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Alaina!

On October 13th we celebrated Alaina's 5th birthday. I swear every year Alaina has a wonderful warm Indian summer birthday party, which went right a long with Alaina's b-day theme, Pocahontas. I let them pick their themes and this year Alaina chose Pocohontas lol! I laugh because it's not the easiest theme to find things for, so this year I had to make most of them, including her dress. She loved it.

We were planning on building a big teepee outside for the kids and even tried to get my mother-in-law's horse down here, so the kids could take rides on him, but finding a trailer was a bit harder than we thought. Plus we weren't sure how the weather would hold up and didn't want Diamond to be scared. 

Either way, it turned out to be a great party. Alaina was all smiles while opening up all the wonderful gifts, esp the Barbie Popstar ones. It's amazing how well our loved ones know my girls lol. Thank you everyone for wishing her a Happy Birthday, coming to her party, giving/sending gifts or had any part in making her birthday that more special. We love you! 

Alaina's Pocahontas birthday table. The airbrush machine Matt got me for my b-day came in handy for Alaina's cake. I'm almost getting the hang of it lol! Sunflower cupcakes for the kiddos. 
The birthday girl with her cousins Marcus and Ethan

 Alaina and Ethan
Can't believe my baby is 5!

 Marcus enjoying the beautiful day
 With Ethan
 Love her!

With her Aunt Kelly
 With Pappy Ross

With gram and bunny

 With gram

 With Auntie Anne and cousin Marcus

Thanks to the Margolin family
 opening more gifts

 Thank you!

 Such great lil helpers

 Thanks for the barbie and dress Aunt Kelly and Ethan

 Thanks Auntie Anne, Chris and Marcus

 Matt and Caylin

 Loving all the cute cards

Thanks Ashley and Matt
Thanks U.Johnny, A.Annette and family

 Thanks Pappy Ross
Pappy loves giving noisy toys lol

Happy Birthday Alaina!
 Singing Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you

 Make a wish!
Alaina cutting the first piece

Thanks Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou for the awesome Indian girl and bag full of goodies


On October 15th Alaina turned 5.She started her day by having heart shaped pancakes. Then to preschool she went. Alaina chose her new Barbie dress to wear, her fav cookies and juice for snack and Rainbow Mermaid story for mommy to read to her class. I love how sweet teachers are to their birthday students. 

Each one has something unique they do that makes them feel special. Mrs. Z and Mrs. P have a birthday cake where the students sing a song about baking the cake. Then they count their candles. 

Next names are picked out to play as their birthday candles. The birthday student uses a big match to light them and the class sings happy birthday. Lastly, a wish is made and the "candles" are blown out. It's really cute and Alaina loved it! 

After her preschool party we went home and she got to open one gift (a new dress for her doll) and play with her other b-day toys until daddy got home to open the rest of her gifts from us. I asked her what she wanted us to order pizza for dinner, but she replied that, "Pizza is kinda boring. How about fish with lemons on top." LOL! So it was to Eat N' Park for dinner and my princess got her fish with lemons on top :) On our way home we stopped at Target to allow her to spend some of her birthday money and we then sang Happy Birthday. I'd have to say she had yet another wonderful birthday. Thanks again!

Alaina's new dress for her doll
Opening gifts from us

 Thanks Bella for the purse and make-up

 Thanks Caylin for the new dress!

 She realized what was inside lol!

 Trying out her new scooter
 Thanks gram!
Make a wish

 She chose a chocolate pie :)

Today Alaina is 5! We were just watching videos from when you were born and it's amazing to think how far you've come! Mommy and daddy were ecstatic the day we found out that we were going to be parents. You bring so much happiness to so many people with your angelic smile and sweet personality. We love you so much. Happy 5th Birthday Princess! ♥

Some more of Alaina's birthday pics,