Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Caylin's 1 Month Milestone Tracker

Caylin at 1 month old 9/3/12

Weight: 10 lbs 1 oz 
Height: 21 1/2 inches 
Head Circumference: 35 1/2 cm

Child's Age :One month

Mastered Skills (most children can do) 
• Lifts head-You were lifting your head like a pro at the hospital, NO JOKE! Here's a pic of you lifting your head the day we brought you home on 8/6/12

  • • Responds to sound-Yes
  • • Stares at faces-Yes 
  • Emerging Skills (half of children can do) 
  • • Follows objects-Yes
  • • Ooohs and ahhs-Yes
  • • Can see black and white objects-You can see the flashing lights on your tummy mat, so yes. 
  • Advanced Skills (a few children can do) 
  • • Smiles-Yes. I love your smile! 
  •  • Laughs-You laugh in your sleep 
  •  Holds head at 45-degree angle-LOL! YES! 

 2 and 3 month milestones that you already achieved at 1 month:
• Vocalizes sounds - gurgling and cooing
• Follows objects-You will follow our faces and toys
• Holds head up for short periods-You hold your head up for long pds. of time
• Smiles responsively-Yes! You also smile at high pitch "baby talk" and the words "wagga wagga woo" lol!
• Holds head at 45-degree angle-You were doing this in the first few days at home
• Holds head steady-Yes
• Bears weight on legs-Yes, you were doing this at two weeks!
• May lift head and shoulder -Yes
• Recognizes your voice-A lot of times when I walk in the room talking, you will turn your head and start pulling your fists to your mouth to eat.
Advanced skills for 3 months that you are already doing 
• Turns towards loud sounds-Yes
• Can bring hands together and may bat at toys- You bring your fists to your mouth to eat
• Can roll over- You rolled over on the 2nd day home. Your dad, sissys, grandma and cousin Becca were there to witness it. (8/7/12)
• Can grasp a toy-Yes, started holding objects right before 2 months. Here's at 2 months holding sissy's Dora toy.

• Reaches out for objects-You love to reach for mommy's camera lens.