Friday, April 30, 2010

Alaina's first year

Today I updated the girl's baby books and memory boxes. I can't believe how much Alaina has grown through these past 2 1/2 years. It puts tears in my eyes to think how blessed Matt and I are to have two wonderful daughters. Time goes by so quick and I need to remember to step back and enjoy the moment. Here's a video I made for Alaina's first birthday. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where do I begin?

4/24/10 Alaina feeding Bella

It's been awhile since my last blog. I don't even know where to begin. Last weekend we had Ethan over. He was going to spend one night, but wanted to go to church with us and who can say no to that :) Alaina and Bella love having him around as do Matt and I. He cracks me up.
Alaina, Ethan and Bella watching World's Funniest Animals 4/24/10
4/24/10 Ethan feeding his cousin

Monday, I got my bloodwork done for surgery next Monday. Anne watched the girls for me while I did that and went to the gym. Thanks again Anne! Then we took the girls out to dinner, since Matt worked late. After that we went shopping and I got some really cute items for the girl's room and what not. It was a great Monday.

Yesterday, Anne watched the girls for me once again, so I could get the Ok from my PCP to get surgery. She said that my bloodwork was normal and I was good to go on monday. I'm so nervous though.

My dad had the same surgery and got staff infection :/ The staff ate away many vertebrae, causing him to get a metal bar in his back. Anyone would be nervous after seeing your father go through all that as a child. I waited long enough though. Can't afford anymore nerve damage when I have my girls to care for. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you so much.

After my appt. I pushed the girls around the neighborhood with Anne for three miles. It was a nice workout and both of the girls fell asleep shortly after we started, which made things much easier on me. Matt and I ended the night watching American Idol and Glee. :)

Today, I worked my butt off! I cleaned out Ethan's old room and put everything on the livingroom stage, so we can start working on making it the girl's room. When that was done, I cleaned up, did the laundry, dishes and what not. The coffee Matt makes is sooo strong lol! I felt like I was on a sugar rush. I'm glad that I got so much done though.

When Matt came home he just looked at me like I was crazy. He was a bit upset that I didn't just wait for him, so I didn't screw up my back even more. If I did, at least they can fix it along with the other discs on monday ;)

After Zumba with Anne, Matt got right to work. He got the computer set up in the livingroom and now the speakers work!!!! I'm thrilled, because we tried for the longest time to figure out what happened. Matt thinks the Comcast guy screwed in the one cable wrong, because it was in there backwards.

Matt also sanded down all the wood and now we can start painting tomorrow. I'm so excited to get it all done. We still have a long way to go, but the journey has begun :) Goodnight everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Tammy Faye Bakker


I woke up excited to go check my online banking, because I was told our tax return would be deposited by the 23rd. Oh it was there, but once again they messed something up. They failed to include the first time homebuyer tax credit!

First, we sent it mid January. Then when I called the IRS the end of Feb. to see why we didn't get it yet, they said that there was no record of our papers, so I sent them ALL again priority mail.

Thankfully, they did receive them this time, but overlooked the Form 5405 and HUD papers, for the first time homebuyers credit. I called this morning to see why we only got our tax return and not the FTH credit. He said, "We have no record of you sending it." I'm like What!?! You got all my other papers obviously, and they were with it, so you did to get it.

He said there's nothing he can do other than advise me to send them again with an amended form and it could take up to 4 more months. I'm so upset. This is not fair! We had plans with that money :( If it's not one person screwing us over it's another. You can't trust anyone anymore. Oh well, at least we got some of our money.

After, hearing this, I had to give myself some retail therapy and boy did it feel good lol! I got Alaina 5 new summer dresses, 2 shirts, pair of capris, 4 pair of shoes and of course a doll :). Bella 3 summer dresses, 2 short outfits, a skirt and a new toy. There was this nice floor model stroller on sale for only $40, so I couldn't pass it up. Now the other one can stay at grandmas'. I also got myself a few workout tops and pants to.

Now I need to start getting Ethan's old room cleaned out, so we can get the girl's room done. I really wish we could put it in our room, but that's another long unfair story. :/

After about three hours of shopping, the girls were ready to call it a day and Ethan was coming for a sleepover. Of course when Alaina heard Ethan's voice, she said the heck with a nap and played with E.

When Matt came home, him and Ethan cut the grass together, while me and the girls played outside. Then we went to Eat N Park for dinner. Ethan told us this story about some little boy poking his sister, because she annoyed him and how pappy is crazy on his new tractor. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. He's one funny little boy so he is.

Ethan is obsessed with Ben 10. Ben 10 this and Ben 10 that. Well, there was a new Ben 10 show at 8pm today, and he made sure we were home for it, because he waited two weeks to watch it.

Ethan said, "When the sun is down, but not the whole way down is when we need to be back, because that means it's almost 8 and Ben 10 comes on at 8 Auntie A, and I want to watch it because I'm Ben 10's biggest fan." LOL!

Alaina fell asleep around 7:30pm from not taking her nap, so I went for a nice walk before it got too dark. Then Matt went to play hockey, while Ethan and I watched movies and cuddled. Other than the IRS messing things up, it turned out to be a pretty nice Friday. Take care and God Bless!

My dad told Ethan that his dog Lucky missed him, so E came up with the idea that we should take a pic of him and email it to pappy. Then pappy can show Lucky his picture and not miss him so much. What a sweetheart :) 4/23/10
4/23/10 She gets so excited lol
4/23/10 Bella blue
I'm so blessed!
My girls :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That's all any of us can hope for. April Winchell

Today, was an ok day. Alaina got to go to Bunny's house today, while Bella and I went to my doctors appt. Bunny is a family friend I met through Matt's mom. I'm glad I did, because she's a sweetheart. Now Alaina continues to ask to go to Bunny's house and play with dolls. :)

My orthopedic doctor said that I have a herniated disc and a buldging one, which are pressing on my nerve. I've tried everything then some, so the next step is a discectomy. He's going to go in and trim those two discs, so I don't have the sciatica anymore. He said it won't relieve the back pain, but that's ok, because the sciatica is what bothers me the most.

I pray that this works, because I'm really nervous about surgery that close to my spine. I know many people has had back surgery, but I'm only 26 yrs old with two kids. *Sighs* I know I will be fine. God is on my side :) May 3rd is when this will be taking place. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Anyways, Alaina said the funniest thing to Matt today. He was changing her diaper and she said, "Thank you daddy for cleaning my stinky bum bum. Thank you SOOOOO much!" I was paying bills and heard her down the hall. It was the cutest thing. LOL! Goodnight everyone xoxo

T-W recap

Tuesday we went to the park, since it was beautiful out. Alaina is starting to feel more comfortable trying out new things. I was so proud that she climbed the pole all by herself. She was iffy about it the last few times.

Bella just cracks me up. She so badly wants to get up and play with those kids. When a child comes near her she gets so excited, and moves her hands and feet back and forth. Before long she will be one of those kids running around. :)
Bella's upset that she can't chase those kiddos around like sissy ;)

Wednesday, we had Alaina's Dr. appt. and thankfully her UTI is gone. She was still running a bit of a fever from being sick, but they said that she's fine. It didn't stop her from playing outside.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st Birthday

Today my cousin Julie is 33 years old. Happy Birthday hun. Hope it's a great one xo!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt! (part 2)

Matt with his b-day balloons lol!

Monday was Matt's birthday. He turned 28 years old! I talked him into using a vacation day, so we could enjoy his birthday together. That lil stinker woke up early and did yard work. I warned him that he will not be doing ANY work on his birthday, but sure enough he won.

It was a beautiful cool day. Alaina is still getting over that darn cold, so we could only go out for a bit. After the girls took their naps, we all got ready for dinner. Matt ended up choosing Dave and Busters.

OMG! Their Lacy's chicken was DELICIOUS! Matt got steak, vegetables and yummy garlic mashed potatoes. Alaina had chicken and garlic mashed potatoes to. I told the waitress that it was Matt's b-day and she came back with balloons for him to wear on his wrist lol! Of course Alaina wanted them for herself, so he tied them to Bella's carseat, so she could play with them.

I'm glad we went there, because Alaina had a blast playing games with daddy. Bella enjoyed looking at all the pretty lights to. I enjoyed taking pics, drinking my blue hawaiian drink and played a couple games with Alaina to. :)

Alaina playing games Alaina and daddy
I get that drink everytime I go there. Bella loved looking at all the lights With my sweetpea Uncle Roy should be so proud ;)

She was so good

After dinner, we drove the long way home and looked at the pretty houses. I love seeing all the flowers in bloom and getting ideas for our own place.

When we got home I got the girls ready for bed. Then Matt and I watched Gran Torino. It was great movie. I couldn't stop laughing at Clint Eastwood's character.

We didn't go to the zoo, children's museum or the science center as planned before, but Matt did get a lot done outside, which made him feel good. He said it was a good birthday, so I'm happy. Happy Birthday my love! xoxo

4/19/10 4/19/10 4/19/10 4/19/10 4/19/10
Getting Bella to laugh :) 4/19/10

Happy Birthday Matt! (part 1)

On Saturday we celebrated Matt and Anne's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Chris won two coupons for free 50 wings each and they allowed us to use them both, which was AWESOME! Matt and Chris picked 8 different flavors.

Our lil family :) Some of the wings 4/18/10 Anne and Chris

Bella blue Alaina waiting for her food lol 4/18/10 Birthday boy She cracks me up Buffalo Princess Alaina and grandma

Everyone was enjoying their food. Then when I took Alaina to the bathroom she got sick :(. Poor thing has been sick for the past few days and she couldn't stop coughing in the bathroom, which caused her to get sick :( Kathy and I ended up taking the girls home so Matt, Anne and Chris could enjoy their dinner.
Bella eating a lemon 4/18/10 Alaina with her gram

When they got back to our place we watched the Pens game, sang Happy Birthday, and Matt opened presents. He got money and a couple of gift cards from Anne and Chris. The girls got him some nice pj pants, boxers and a tie. I got him Daughtry and Lifehouse tickets :) That will be a great concert in June.
Happy Birthday Matt and Anne! 4/18/10

Alaina eating cake loving it Bella with daddy Matt with his girls
Eating cake 4/18/10 Happy Birthday Matt and Anne! 4/18/10 Alaina and "Gamma" Bella with Auntie Anne 4/18/10

That cake was delicious!


Matt opening gifts

Other than Alaina being sick, it was a wonderful Birthday Sunday. :)