Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday?

Good friday started off good. I got everything done that I wanted to. It started off with eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Then I got the idea that we should tie dye a shirt with all the left over Easter egg dye, so Alaina did just that. I let her do it all by herself and it turned out pretty cool. :)
making a tie dye shirt
Alaina's work of art

When Alaina got up from her nap, she went with grandma and auntie Anne to the barn. They said she was scared to ride Diamond this time, but did feed her carrots. When she came home she explained to me how she cried because the horse was "BIG!" It was so cute. We will have to keep taking her, so she's used to her more. Thanks to Anne here are some pics :)
Alaina with her Auntie Anne 4/2/10
With her gram and Diamond
So cute!
Excited to see the horse or so she thought ;)
While Alaina was gone, I made macaroni salad for Josh and Sara's cookout Saturday and did a lil dying of my own. It feels so good to get rid of those roots. If only hair dye didn't smell so bad. Eww!

After Alaina came home from seeing Diamond, I got the girls ready to see the Easter bunny. Again she was scared. Actually, I was even weirded out by him. He was a bit skinny for my liking lol! Bella just sat on his lap and looked around and daddy had to sit beside him with Alaina :) She wouldnt even look at him, so we got a few pics and left. She did tell him Happy Easter and bye bye lol.

After seeing the Easter bunny we went to the mall to get Bella's ears peirced. She did so good, like Alaina when she got her's done. She cried for about 2 seconds then just looked around. They did a great job and look adorable on her. In the car Alaina was rubbing her cheeks and saying you have "pitty" earrings baby Bella. She's such a great big sister. I look forward to watching them grow up together.
Bella got her ears peirced.
Showing her two bottom teeth

Alaina back in Feb. 08 when she got hers done

As you can see, my day started out very productive. We got a lot done and the girls enjoyed the beautiful 90F weather, but it didn't end so well. Let's just say a family member once again was being immature.

Then Matt told me that we won't be getting insurance money this month either, which is owed to us from along time ago to fix the livingroom and our room, so we are going to have to wait once again, because I will not use our money to fix what was promised over seven months ago.

Matt's fed up to because our homeowners won't fix the roof, since it's previous damage and said that we need to call the roofer guy. Well, he won't come out, since he's owed money from the previous owner. I feel so bad for him because he feels so alone now that his dad's gone. I don't know how to help when he talks about how unfair his death was and if he was around this would happen or that. What can you do? :(

It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't led on every month that we will be getting it. After talking to Matt we may just have to make Ethan's old room into the girls room, because Bella has been sleeping in our bed and we need to get their room done asap. We shouldn't have closed til we got that money because I was told this was going to happen.

Then I was talking to a family member while editing my pics and they told me something that was also unfair, which upset me. It turned into an argument and I ended up deleting the pics. All the pics, from seeing the horse, Easter bunny and Bella getting her ears peirced GONE!!!

After having an argument,getting bad news and losing all my pics, it was just too much and I started crying. Matt was at his mom's working on her car, and Alaina was in bed, so I took Bella on the front porch swing. We just sat there for about an hour swinging. Bella didn't make a peep. She just stared out into the dark and back and forth we went until I started feeling better.

I came to the conclusion that I can't change people, especially when they are old enough to know what's right and what's wrong, so I'm not going to allow people to get me down like that. I have a wonderful husband, and two beautiful girls who are the world to me. I couldn't be more blessed. Goodnight :)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough night. I'm praying that everything works out for you. It seems like everything always happens at once.
I didn't even notice Bella's pierced ears. She looks so cute with her bling!
Your girls really do look a lot alike.
I hope Alaina warms up to the horse again. Lexie loved riding my horse in the fall, but hasn't ridden in months, so it'll be interesting to see how she does!

Ashley said...

Thanks Stef! I see some of Alaina in Bella but she's looks more like her dad than Alaina, I think anyways.
I hope Alaina warms up to her again to. THe first time she did awesome, but I'm thinking maybe Ethan being there helped. I will have to see if he can go next time.
Thanks for the prayers and yes everything does hit us all at once it seems. Grr...