Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt! (part 2)

Matt with his b-day balloons lol!

Monday was Matt's birthday. He turned 28 years old! I talked him into using a vacation day, so we could enjoy his birthday together. That lil stinker woke up early and did yard work. I warned him that he will not be doing ANY work on his birthday, but sure enough he won.

It was a beautiful cool day. Alaina is still getting over that darn cold, so we could only go out for a bit. After the girls took their naps, we all got ready for dinner. Matt ended up choosing Dave and Busters.

OMG! Their Lacy's chicken was DELICIOUS! Matt got steak, vegetables and yummy garlic mashed potatoes. Alaina had chicken and garlic mashed potatoes to. I told the waitress that it was Matt's b-day and she came back with balloons for him to wear on his wrist lol! Of course Alaina wanted them for herself, so he tied them to Bella's carseat, so she could play with them.

I'm glad we went there, because Alaina had a blast playing games with daddy. Bella enjoyed looking at all the pretty lights to. I enjoyed taking pics, drinking my blue hawaiian drink and played a couple games with Alaina to. :)

Alaina playing games Alaina and daddy
I get that drink everytime I go there. Bella loved looking at all the lights With my sweetpea Uncle Roy should be so proud ;)

She was so good

After dinner, we drove the long way home and looked at the pretty houses. I love seeing all the flowers in bloom and getting ideas for our own place.

When we got home I got the girls ready for bed. Then Matt and I watched Gran Torino. It was great movie. I couldn't stop laughing at Clint Eastwood's character.

We didn't go to the zoo, children's museum or the science center as planned before, but Matt did get a lot done outside, which made him feel good. He said it was a good birthday, so I'm happy. Happy Birthday my love! xoxo

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Getting Bella to laugh :) 4/19/10


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad he had a good birthday! Cute pictures!