Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter! 4/4/10

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus is risen! I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. The weather was perfect. It was nice and warm, with a breeze every once in awhile. Things went a lot smoother this year for us. First we got the girls up and Alaina found her basket fairly quickly.

Bella Easter morning A Tinkerbell brush and hair dryer!
Happy Easter!
She loves that doll :) Happy Easter Alaina! How did the Easter bunny know that I wanted Sleeping Beauty? 4/4/10 A Tinkerbell Teapot house!
Alaina looking for her basket :) 4/4/10 Bella's First Easter! Alaina was so excited when she saw her Tinkerbell doll. Everytime we go to Toys R Us, she's asking for that doll, so I got it for her after Christmas and thought I'd save it for her B-day, but the Easter bunny beat me to it ;)
Happy Easter Bella!

She also got the Tinkerbell hair brush, dryer, teapot house, bracelet, Sleeping Beauty DVD, Strawberry Shortcake socks, another doll, Carebear stamps, coloring book and of course candy. Bella got a bunch of summer outfits, sandals,stuffed animal and a Barbie DVD that she can share with her sissy. The Easter bunny also left a trail of eggs all around the livingroom that she had to find. :)

Then we got ready for church. It was a nice service and the girls had so much fun playing with all the other kids in the childcare room. The caretaker said that Alaina was a great big sister because she would go protect Bella when other kids got too close. How sweet! Alaina wanted to stay, but we were off to see Matt's mom at Rite Aid. She had to work on Easter, so we took them up so she could see the girls in their dresses.

After that, we went to Grandma Ross's house. I enjoy seeing my gram. She gives the best hugs and I feel so loved when I'm around her. Plus, I don't get to see my family that often except the holidays, so it's always so nice to see everyone and catch up. My gram has a lot of animals running around her yard, like bunnies, birds, cats and whatever else that comes around lol. Alaina enjoyed going down to see the bunnies with daddy.
Alaina and Bella with their Great Grandma Ross
Family at Grandma Ross's house and one lil girl sneaking candy lol!

Kelly with the girls Bella with her Great Gram Bella with her Great Aunt Kathy At Grandma Ross's house Dylan and Lexi on Easter Bella and Grandma Ross My handsome nephew, Ethan Ethan with mommy Ethan loves his cousin

After my Grandma Ross's we went over to my Grandma Durci's house. Everytime I got over her house it's sunny. I just love it! It's like heaven is shining down on her house. My Uncle Joey, Aunt Angie, Tanner and Clay were there also.

Tanner and Clay get bigger every time I see them. It's amazing how much they look like my Uncle. They both hid easter eggs all around my gram's house for Alaina and Ethan. I thought that was sooo sweet. They even had different colors, so Ethan had his and Alaina had hers. Alaina got so excited with each egg she found. It was so much better than the one yesterday.
4/4/10 Ethan with Uncle Matt 4/4/10 Tanner, Clay, Ethan and Alaina 4/4/10 Tanner, Clay, Ethan and Alaina (second cousins) 4/4/10 Tanner, Clay and Alaina 4/4/10 4/4/10 With my Grandma Durci 4/4/10 Bella with daddy 4/4/10 She did a great job 4/4/10 4/4/10 Ethan and Alaina looking inside the eggs

4/4/10 Ethan looking for his camo eggs Alaina Daddy trying to get her to laugh 4/4/10 Bella with Aunt Kel At Grandma Durcis' 4/4/10 Bella with her Great Aunt Angie Ethan with his Auntie A Bella had a long day At Grandma Durcis' Tanner making Bella smile She caught it! 4/4/10
Uncle Joey trying to get Alaina's nose 4/4/10 Ethan on Easter So cute! Playing catch Clay helping Alaina I found one! Clay and Alaina

When we were done visiting with everyone at my Grandma Durci's we went over to my dad's so Matt could see his new tractor. My dad has been talking about that thing nonstop. It's so funny how exciting someone can get over a tractor. It's like me over a new purse lol! Alaina with pappy 4/4/10

Then we just visited with everyone for awhile and went home to bed. It was a very enjoyable Easter and I can honostly say it was one of our better ones. I also finally got to have a couple peices of chocolate! I actually went the whole 40 days without any chocolate. It was very hard, but I did it! I'm thinking about starting my own lil lent every 40 days with things that are bad for me like pop, sugar etc. After the first week it's not so bad, so we will see how that goes.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Jesus is risen! God Bless everyone!