Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 days until Easter!

Bella loved her first time swinging 4/1/10

Happy April Fool's Day! I tried telling people I was pregnant again, but of course that didn't "fool" anyone other than my sister in law,T haha. Alaina is still a bit young to understand what it means, but I did tell her that it was snowing in the livingroom and told her to go look. Matt had the bubble maker on and when she got out there the whole livingroom was filled with bubbles and I told her April Fools! She was more amazed by the bubbles, but I thought it was cute ;) Bella loved it to. She just stared at each bubble in amazement. It was adorable.

Another beautiful day! The weather was around 80F and it felt amazing. I had a Dr.'s appt. for my back and he saw degeneration going on with those buldging discs, so he wants me to get an MRI to get a better look at them. I've been overdoing it at the gym, so I took a break from Zumba today. I can deal with the back pain, it's the sciatica that gets me.

Anyways, after my appt. I took the girls outside to play. Bella loves to swing in the baby swing. OMG! was she funny. Everytime I would push her, she would kick her legs back and forth and giggle. I couldn't stop giggling myself. That girl shows no fear.

Alaina had a blast in the sand box and went down the slide only a couple times with hesitation. I'm convinced it's our slide that scares her, because she went down all the other ones at the park yesterday. Matt's going to raise it a bit, so it's not so fast.

She loved the swing

When the girls took their naps, I cleaned the house up, decorated the one bush with easter eggs and made dinner. Then I just sat on the porch swing and enjoyed the peace and quiet with a glass of iced tea. It was so relaxing.

Before long the girls were taking turns getting up and we went back outside to play before daddy got home. Alaina got another lil care package in the mail from Ethan's grandma and great aunt. It had this cute shirt with cats on it and one of strawberry shortcake's friends with blue hair. She absolutely LOVED the doll. She sat on her table and stared at it. She never saw one with blue hair before and insisted on taking her in the bath with her to. Thanks Danette and Denise! :)

Matt was beat by time he came home, so we just chilled for awhile then went for a walk with the girls. Bella fell asleep and Alaina was almost there until some loud car drove past :/ Since she was wide awake after that, we decided to end our night dying Easter eggs. It was another wonderful day and I got a lot done, but I still have much more to do tomorrow and Saturday. Then Easter! :) I'm off to bed I said. Have a good one. Much love.

Going for a walk in the new stroller my dad got us. Thanks Dad! We love it!
Bella 4/1/10
She didn't like the smell of the vinegar, but continued to smell them anyways haha
4/1/10Dying Easter eggs
Dying Easter eggs Patiently waiting


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It was a beautiful day! I'm glad you and the girls took advantage of it by playing outside! Cute pictures, as usual.
I hope everything is okay with your back. Thinking of you!