Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt! (part 1)

On Saturday we celebrated Matt and Anne's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Chris won two coupons for free 50 wings each and they allowed us to use them both, which was AWESOME! Matt and Chris picked 8 different flavors.

Our lil family :) Some of the wings 4/18/10 Anne and Chris

Bella blue Alaina waiting for her food lol 4/18/10 Birthday boy She cracks me up Buffalo Princess Alaina and grandma

Everyone was enjoying their food. Then when I took Alaina to the bathroom she got sick :(. Poor thing has been sick for the past few days and she couldn't stop coughing in the bathroom, which caused her to get sick :( Kathy and I ended up taking the girls home so Matt, Anne and Chris could enjoy their dinner.
Bella eating a lemon 4/18/10 Alaina with her gram

When they got back to our place we watched the Pens game, sang Happy Birthday, and Matt opened presents. He got money and a couple of gift cards from Anne and Chris. The girls got him some nice pj pants, boxers and a tie. I got him Daughtry and Lifehouse tickets :) That will be a great concert in June.
Happy Birthday Matt and Anne! 4/18/10

Alaina eating cake loving it Bella with daddy Matt with his girls
Eating cake 4/18/10 Happy Birthday Matt and Anne! 4/18/10 Alaina and "Gamma" Bella with Auntie Anne 4/18/10

That cake was delicious!


Matt opening gifts

Other than Alaina being sick, it was a wonderful Birthday Sunday. :)