Friday, April 9, 2010

Flurry Spring Friday

TGIF! It was nice and warm last week and early this week, but today it was cold and I actually saw some flurries!

We didn't do much today. Matt and I had a rough night with the girls, since Alaina has a UTI and Bella was cranky from her shots along with teething. Matt was going to call off, but end up going in. Now he's playing hockey! I don't know how he does it.

The girls and I ended up just watching movies, coloring, playing games and eating left overs. Easy enough day. My back has been getting worse. I know it's something to do with a pinched nerve, because of the sciatica. After awhile of the shooting pain my leg just goes numb. Very frustrating when you need to take care of your kids. I go next Thursday so the doctor can look at my MRI, then go from there.

Well, I'm off to have myself a glass of wine and watch a chick flick, until Matt gets home. Please pray for my cousin, Jen and her family. Today her house burned down and she lost her pets and everything in the house. I feel so bad for them. At least the kids were in school and Jen was woken up by the fire alarm. Thank God for that! Goodnight. Much love.

My Alaina pie

She's so funny
Bella napping with daddy 4/8/10