Monday, April 5, 2010

1 day until Easter!

With my girls at the egg hunt :)

One more day before Easter! Can you believe it? We had another beautiful day, so I took the girls to Blueberry Hill Park for an Easter egg hunt. Matt had to work, which made things a bit harder for me, but Alaina enjoyed it anyways. There were SOOO many kids again, so we had to wait in line until they got all the 1-3 year olds in the park. Alaina managed to get four eggs, but this lil boy didn't get any so she kindly gave him one of hers. I was very proud of her.

Then Matt and I took the girls to Josh and Sara's house for a cookout. It was nice to catch up and eat some good food. Alaina was shy at first, but before long she was mingling with everyone.

After the cookout I got things prepared for the Easter bunny :) By time I was finished we were both beat and went to bed. Here are some pics from today.

Eating her candy

4/3/10 Checking out the Easter bunny lol
4/3/10 That's the closest she would go lol!
4/3/10 She's so cute


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That last picture is adorable!