Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was raining and chilly, so we skipped the outdoors and went shopping. I got groceries, some more summer outfits for the girls and Matt's B-day gifts.

Alaina is such a cutie. She was saying hello to people as we passed them in the cart. Then when they would say it back she'd get all shy and put her head down. Lil stinker :) After dinner I went to Zumba, watched Glee and cuddled with Matt, when he got home from dropping off a washer for my dad. It was a nice productive day with my girls.
On Wednesday me and Alaina made breakfast. Today was Anne's b-day, so I made sure the girls had Auntie Anne's favorite color on, purple. ;) Well, Alaina had all purple on until she spilled her Capri Sun on herself lol! Least this one has some purple. Anyways, Happy Birthday Anne! Hope it was wonderful :)

Then off to the park we went. Alaina never gets bored of that place and I enjoy meeting new moms. She plays for about two hours before we call it a day. Then I push them to a nearby grove to have some lunch. After lunch, I push them around the pool a few times until they fall asleep. It's a nice way to wind down.

After the park we ordered out and watched the Pens game. They didn't win last night, but I'm sure they will make a comeback. By time the Pens game was off I could tell I was coming down with something and sure enough today I am sick :( My head, glands, throat and body hurts. I think Bella gave me whatever she had, because I can't stop sneezing either, just like her. No wonder she was miserable.

Luckily, she's starting to feel better. I'm hoping to take the girls to the park again today, but we will see. I may just rest at home and let Alaina play outside, so I can do Zumba later. Well, enjoy the beautiful day everyone! :)

Enjoying the sun
Such a cute lil face

My sweet Bella