Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy First Communion Ian!

At Ian's first Communion 4/17/10

Today was Ian's First Communion. He's one of the boys I used to be a nanny for. I still watch them in the summers here and there. Alaina grew up thinking of them as her big brothers and still adores them. I can't wait to take Alaina and Bella over in the summer. They are so good with them.

This morning, we had breakfast made for us by daddy. Those scrambled eggs were delicious honey xoxo! Then I went shopping for last minite things for Matt's b-day. We are celebrating his and Anne's tomorrow. Then me and the girls are going to do our own thing for him on monday.

Matt didn't want a big party this year, since he ends up doing more work than enjoying himself, which is true, so I'm trying to plan something nice and "low key" for my b-day boy. :) He's actually using a vacation day on monday to!

After shopping we all got ready for church, to watch Ian receive his first commmunion. He did a great job and looked so handsome in his lil suit. :)

Then we went to their place for the reception. It was so nice seeing my lil buddies and catching up with everyone. That whole family is very sweet, especially Heidi's mom and dad.
Bella with Grandma Tiegel (Heidi's mom):)
Bella grabbing her nose and mouth lol
I just love talking to them. They are so genuine. Ian got a lot of great gifts including a flat screen T.V.! How cool is that!
Ian with his new T.V.!
Ian opening gifts

Poor Dave and Heidi realized once most of the company left, that they forgot $65 worth of chicken in the oven. They left it in there to keep warm, so whoever was left,including us got to take a bunch home.

It was a very nice Saturday. Congrats Ian! We are so proud of you. Much love! Goodnight everyone!

Alaina 4/17/10


Bella 4/17/10

She's so cute!
Lani baby


Lynn Rader said...

I love the flat screen TV. That's a pretty awesome first communion gift!