Friday, August 17, 2012

Caylin's Birth Announcements

I just ordered Caylin's birth announcements! As you can see I couldn't decide one just on, so I ordered a variety of them lol! Here's 4 of them <3 p="p">

Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome Caylin Grace!

On August 3th, 2012 at 4:59pm we welcomed our third daughter Caylin Grace. Weighing 7lbs 7 oz and measuring 20 inches long. What is so neat is, Alaina weighed 7.5 lbs , Bella weighed 7.6 lbs and Caylin 7.7 lbs. I thought she would be over 8 lbs and Matt guessed 7.8lbs, so he won haha.
It's go time! 

 Welcome Caylin Grace!
Proud daddy

She is so perfect! Honestly, I don't remember it being this easy with my other two. Caylin sleeps through the night *knocks on wood*, I actually wake her up to feed, and she don't cry much. I just hope it's not too good to be true lol!

The girls just adore her. Bella don't like sharing her sissy and is a great little helper and Alaina is a pro at being a big sis. Today I just watched in awe while Alaina held her baby sis so naturally as she watched tv. I pray my girls always remain this close forever. I jokingly told Matt if things are this great, maybe we will have a few more ;). I always wanted a big family, but I don't think my body could handle anymore.
 Meeting Caylin
 Awe! Alaina was being so shy, but Bella just wanted that baby in her arms ASAP! lol

 Alaina was proud to be able to hold her baby sis first

 Proud sissy

 Look at that look on Bella's face! I love it!

 Bella watched every move and made sure her sissy was ok

"Daddy get that boogie out of her nose please!" lol!

I had some complications this time around. Of course they had trouble getting my iv in again, and it looks as if a dog bit my arm now. They had a student do my epidural, which means more poking around. When I asked the Dr. if she took care of the hernia, she replied that it was like one big hernia down there! That's why it took longer and why I had more bleeding this time.

My OB said that my scar tissue was paper thin from my previous c-sections and it was starting to tear inside, so she was glad we had Caylin when we did. I guess when I complained of  "ripping" pain in the ER, I wasn't exaggerating! 

If that wasn't bad enough, on Sunday my Dr. was taking my staples out with Matt and the girls in the room. It was no big deal, not much pain and the girls seemed amused by it, UNTIL she went to take one staple out and blood squirted out all over me! Talk about scary! Especially when your Dr. is yelling "Oh my!" Matt rushed the girls out and my Dr. went to get help, but I sat there in tears, not knowing what was going on.

Turned out I had a blood pocket in between my muscle layer and superficial layer. When she took the one staple out, it punctured the pocket and since my incision wasn't completely healed yet, it passed through. She said it was a good thing, or it would have turned into another hernia or worse. In turn my hemoglobin and iron were really low, so they had to give put me on iron, my urine was very concentrated, so they gave me two bolus's of iv fluids, which all caused a lot of swelling in my hands and feet. The swelling started out in just my right leg and foot, so they were keeping a close eye on that, making sure I didn't have a clot.

Just one big stressful and painful stay! Thank God for Caylin keeping my head up during the night. I thought I was going to break down thinking about the what ifs. She just laid there so content and peaceful. Reminded me how blessed I am and how I would do it all over again to have these three beautiful and healthy girls. Things are starting to get better now, other than the swelling. It's going to take awhile, until my iron goes back up.

Caylin is one strong cookie! First day we came home, she was lifting her head up and doing mini push-ups. Matt and I just looked at each other in awe. Second day home she rolled over! Alaina and Bella both rolled over on the first day home, so we weren't surprised to see Caylin rolling over so early too. God blessed us with "super" babies, that's for sure! I just love them so much!

 Proud pappy
 Caylin's grandparents
 Proud grandma
 Love my girls!

 Bella loves her babies!

 My family, my rock

 Meeting Aunt Kelly
 Meeting cousin Ethan

 I love them sooooooo much!

 Meeting Great Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou

 Meeting Uncle Johnny

 Meeting Aunt Annette
 Annette with her girls

 Going Home!
 Pics at home

 Caylin Grace 8/6/12

Where's Caylin

Proud sissy

 First day home and lifting her head like a pro! 8/6/12
 Caylin Grace
 Super baby!
 My big girl
 So cute!
 Look at that strength!
tummy time

I would like to thank all of those who came to see us at the hospital, prayed, called, sent thoughtful messages, cards, gifts and helped us in any other way. They are ALL greatly appreciated. 

Caylin Grace you are another one of our Godsends and we love you so much already. We are proud to call our family a family of five now and look forward to sharing every moment with you in it! God Bless!

Matt, thank you so much for cleaning the house before I came home and for helping me as much as you did throughout my pregnancy. I'm sure at times I may not have showed my appreciation, but I do appreciate everything you do and I love you with all my heart. 

Not only are you a wonderful husband, you're the greatest father and it's natural! There's no acting or doing it because you have to. You can tell that you just love every part of being a dad. You don't see that often and I'm lucky to say I married it! Truly amazing when I think about it. I mean seriously! I never thought I'd be so in love with a man nor be able to have kids and now look! I am truly blessed. GOD IS GOOD!