Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Bella!

 Bella's 3rd b-day pics

Last friday Bella turned 3! I still can't believe that three years ago I was blessed with my second baby girl.
 Daddy kisses
With my Bella boo 9/21/09
 Meeting your big sissy for the first time 9/21/09
It was love at first sight for everyone
Bella at 1 month old. Caylin reminds me so much of Bella when she was born. 
& just like that, Bella is 1!
With my Bella boo on her 1st Birthday party
opening gifts
On Bella's 1st Birthday party 9/25/10
Who would have thought that today I'd be holding yet another beautiful little girl! I am so blessed.

Then 2 rolls on by! Bella on her 2nd Birthday. 9/21/11
Before her party
 Bella at her 2nd Birthday party
 It was such a wonderful day with wonderful friends and family

 opening gifts
 She def knows how to make mommy laugh
Happy 2nd Birthday Bella! 

 Thank you Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou for send me the Vermont teddy bear! I love it!!!

Opening the gift sissy got her (Alaina)
 She wanted that dragon baby at Target so bad the other day, so sissy surprised her with it :)

 That smile says it all 9/21/12

 Alaina is such a great big sissy 9/21/12
 Opening gifts from all of us
 More babies, clothes and accessories!
 Loving the cap Caylin got her.
 Love her!
 Singing happy birthday on her "real" birthday
 Make a wish honey


Bella's invite

 Bella's birthday table

 Can't believe my baby is three already!

 Bella's dollie and me cake.

 favors Bella, Alaina and I made for her friends
The birthday girl is 3!
Caylin is happy to see pappy

 The Birthday girl!
She was thrilled to see that pappy came early 

 Pappy with his lil ladies

I didn't grab my camera fast enough, but the first game was grab as many baby dolls blindfolded. 

 playing pin in the jar using the same clothes pins mommy used for her previous two b-days lol

She got one!

 Zaria's turn

 Ashley and Matt with Caylin

 To keep up with the dollie and me theme. The kids made dolls. They loved it!
 Ethan making his cool doll
 Bella in the zone lol
 Bella taking a break to swing her baby doll

 Kelly helping the kids

 THe birthday girl is back

 Love Bella's personality. She's so full of spunk lol!

Michele with her son 

Daddio enjoying some grub

 Michele giving Bella a hand lol
 Ethan with his finished doll
Don't let the bow fool you kid! I drive like my daddy lol!

Alaina making her doll

Chris and Cole

 HEY! Get back here kid! lol
 THey have so much fun together



 Bella with her buddy Christopher
 Singing happy birthday
She melts my heart

 Bella embarrassed? That's unheard of lol!

Make a wish!

 Opening gifts
 Thanks gram!
 Thanks Auntie Anne, Uncle Chris and Marcus!

 Thanks Uncle Justin, Aunt Amanda and lil baby cousin

 Thanks Ashley and Matt!

 Thanks A. Annette, U. Johnny, Sammie, Lil Matt, Landon and Dustin!

That look is priceless! 
 Thanks Aunt Kelly and Ethan!

 Thanks pappy!

 Anyone else that mommy didn't get a pic of. I thank you for the wonderful gifts. I love them all and no doubles! Whahoo!
Enjoying a hug with her cousin Dustin, butt hanging out and all lol! 

Bella had such a wonderful birthday and party. We thank all of those who wished her a Happy Birthday, came to her party, and also those who sent her a card/gift who couldn't make it. All your positive thoughts and gestures are greatly appreciated. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. God Bless!

Bella boo how do we love you! I love watching you grow everyday. You are one energy-filled little girl, that's for sure lol! Yet, you are so sweet and loving. It melts my heart watching you with your babies, and how gentle you are when placing each one in their crib, highchair or stroller. The kind words that come out of your mouth when explaining to them why they can't go outside without their jacket, because it's cold reassures me that I must be doing something right. Thank you for allowing me to be called your mommy. I couldn't be more proud of my Bella boo. Happy 3rd Birthday honey!