Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Every year we go to my mother in law's house for a Christmas Eve dinner and to exchange gifts. This year was no different. It was a very nice visit and the girls got spoiled per usual. We even got a year membership to the Pgh Zoo, which will definately come in handy this coming year. Thanks Kathy!

After our visit we went to the evening candlelight service and then home to get the kids to bed. We read The Night Before Christmas, left out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Matt and I watched Christmas movies until the little ones fell to sleep. Then it was time for Santa to come. ;) It was a wonderful Christmas Eve! I hope you all had the same. Much love.

Alaina wrapping the gift she got sissy

Bella being silly
Alaina on Christmas Eve

Bella with her Aunt Annette

Bella on Christmas Eve 2010
Anne and Chris on Christmas Eve

Landon with his pappy
Johnny with his neices and grandson on Christmas Eve
It was so cute how Bella patted Landon's head haha

Alaina crawling with Landon haha

Bella on Christmas Eve
Oh no! We've got kissing cousins lol!
Opening gifts

Alaina loved the Tinkerbell cafe Uncle Johnny, Aunt Annette, Lil Matt, Sammie, Jon, and Landon got her. Thanks guys!
Opening gifts
Bella LOVED that baby!
Thanks for all the gifts Uncle Doug, Aunt Melissa, Becca, James and Max!

I love barbies!

Lil Matt and Chris on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
My girls <3

Matt passing out gifts

Look at that mess!
Kathy opening the mug the girls got her

Family pic

Leaving out milk, cookies, pretzel for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
They are ready for Santa to come :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Humbling Tuesday

Last Tuesday Alaina and I went with Aunt Sandy to Rosebrook while Bella got to stay home with daddy. Matt had one more pto day left this year, so he decided to get some shopping done with his Bella boo. He also cleaned the house for me! I am one lucky woman.

Anyways, Alaina has been working for three days on these little gifts for the residents, so she was excited to hand out her creations. We went through some Family magazines and got some cute handmade Christmas gift ideas. She made some ornaments, little plant stakes and door hangers. I loved the plant stake idea, because a lot of the residents have house plants in their rooms, so those were a big hit. I think we will have to make more next year. :)

The plant stakes are almost done
She thought they were silly

We had such a wonderful time with Aunt Sandy. She goes every year with her dressed up labs, Thera and Tanner. They looked adorable. We all got chuckle when the hat and reindeer ears went on. The residents did as well haha. Tanner and Thera are great therapy dogs. Some of those residents were big animal lovers, so it made their day to see them.

It was a very humbling experience. I worked in a skilled nursing home for almost 6 years and it breaks your heart when a lot of those patients didn't get family over the holidays, so to see those smiles on their faces when Alaina handed out her gifts or when the dogs would go over and lick them makes you feel good inside. I hope to continue doing this with the girls every year. It was a big success. Thank you Aunt Sandy for including us. Means the world to us.

After Rosebrook, we went to Kings for lunch then for a visit at my dad's house. Alaina had a blast playing with pappy's new train. He taught her how to blow the horn and alowed her to control the handle. It was a wonderful day.

How cute are Tanner and Thera

Alaina with her buddies Tanner and Thera and Great Aunt Sandy

She's excited

Passing out her gifts to the residents

At Rosebrook

Alaina loved the tree with all the dolls from around the world. Beautiful!

Being silly

At pappy's house

Opening Ashley and Matt's gifts

The candy they made

Ben 10!

He loved his Ben 10 gift

Thank you guys!

My adorable nephew Ethan

My dad's pretty tree

Santa's lil helper

His gift put together

Pappy allowing Alaina control the train

She loved it

This is what Bella got to do all day haha

Santa's other lil helper haha

She looks just like daddy

Being silly

Love her!