Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Nutcracker 12/18/10

On Saturday I took Alaina to The Nutcracker at the Benedum Center. I went a couple times when I was a little girl and once with Matt a couple years ago. This time I wanted to share this experience with Alaina. I know how much she likes ballerinas, so I was excited to show her some "real" ones.

 It was a wonderful night. We got down there a half hour early, parking was close, our seats were awesome and Alaina loved the show.  My friend from zumba and her family were right beside us too! It is a small world afterall.

Alaina pointed at the stage and said that she wanted to do that at least ten times. I told her maybe when she get's a little bigger. She also couldn't believe that "Princess Jasmine" and Aladdin (the Arabian dancers) were in the show too haha. I can't wait til Bella is old enough to go. It's a beautiful experience.

Before the show 12/18/10

Silly girl

I asked her if she knew what a nutcracker was and this is her reply. :)

Take the pic already haha

At the Benedum Center


Phone don't take the greatest pics

The Stage before the show

Alaina is excited for the show to start