Wednesday, December 1, 2010

11/26/10-11/29/10 Recap

Ethan stayed with us from last Friday until Tuesday this week, so the girls loved having someone to play with 5 days in a row. Friday we just had a laid back day, because I was recovering from the black friday shopping lol. Matt even made dinner for us. Thanks honey!

Last Saturday we dropped Ethan off to see his mommy, while Matt and I took the girls out to lunch at Mineos pizza in Squirrel Hill. I had their pizza one time before at a friend's bachelorette party and have been craving it since, especially when I was pregnant haha. I AM NOT pregnant though, let me make that clear (Mike) haha. It was a lot of fun.

Ethan is excited to see mommy

Ethan with mommy


After we picked up Ethan I got a little more shopping done at Toys R Us and then we stayed home and watched Christmas movies all night and drank hot cocoa. <3

On Sunday I cleaned house all day and then decorated the house for Christmas. The kids had so much fun helping me. They got more excited with each trip back from the attic Matt took. It was cute watching them jump up and down wondering what they would find next.

We then blasted Christmas music and baked chocolate chip cookies. What a wonderful weekend we had. Thanks for all your help guys! Much love!

On Monday I did some more cleaning, decorating, laundry, went to the gym and enjoyed watching more Christmas movies. Pretty laid back. Well, I'm pretty much caught up on my blogging. YAY!!!

Someone had a busy day

Bella checking out Santa's bum bum haha

They were amused by Santa's dancing bum bum stuck in the fridge. haha

Bella with her dancing gingerbread doll

My handsome nephew

Alaina and her doll

The dining room so far

The livingroom so far.

Sleeping Beauty

The stage is pretty much done. Gotta take down the table for the tree though.

Alaina and Ethan coloring

Bella enjoying her Monday at home. :)