Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kraynaks, Santa Visit & Decorating The Tree

I am REALLY falling behind this month on my blogging, so let's rewind a couple weeks and try to finally catch up lol.

On December 5th 2010 Matt's mom joined us for a visit to Kraynaks. None of us have ever been there before, so I was looking forward to it. It's a really nice place to take your kids and they even got to visit with Santa again.

Waiting in line

Matt with his mom and girls

The pretty wolves

Bella loved all the pretty decor

Checking out ALL the toys they had


Daddy and Bella

Bella checking out the Christmas Story set
Alaina by the Steelers tree
Going to see Santa
Alaina liked Santa this year
Bella not so much :)

Poor Bella boo

Visit with Santa at Kraynaks 12/5/10

Poor Bella
Alaina with her gram

After Kraynaks and dinner we went home to decorate the tree. Decorating the tree was so much fun this year. Bella is more aware of what's going on and couldn't believe what she was seeing. It puts the biggest smile on my face to see my girls happy and boy did those lights, village and train do just that. Bella got to help sissy decorate the tree, Alaina got to put the star up this year and daddy even decorated the girl's rooms with some lights. I just LOVE Christmas!

Bella checking out her new B s'more ornament 12/5/10
Putting up the first ornament 12/5/10

My s'more ornament looks yummy haha

Pretty angel 12/5/10

Bella putting up hers

She's so cute

Checking it out

Matt putting up his Mustang ornament

Looking at her reflection in her 1st Christmas baby spoon ornament

Alaina's beautiful bulb arrangement :)
Alaina trying to show sissy the tree haha
Alaina's 1st time putting up the star

Bella enjoying the Christmas decor

Taking a look at the tree so far

Daddy's surprise for Alaina and Bella

The girls loved it

Putting up the village and train
Alaina enjoying the town. 12/10/10
Our tree is done!
Alaina by the finished tree. 12/10/10


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I know I already saw them on facebook, but super cute pictures!