Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 years in love

At my prom in 2001. About a month after we started dating.

Today marks nine years with Matt. We've been through so much these past nine years. If we've made it through all that, then I know we are in the clear to a long and happy marriage.
Summer of 2001 at Disney World
He's my best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better guy for myself. God answered my prayers when I would pray at night to help me find the right guy and sure enough I did! The funny thing is, Matt said that he was praying the same thing at the same time :) I love you so much Matt! Forever yours xoxo

It was another beautiful day! I love waking up to the birds chirping and the sun shining through my window. I just know it will be another fun filled day with my girls. We went outside for awhile. Then I cleaned up a bit, while the girls took their naps.

By time Matt got home we had to take the girls to their check ups at the doctors. The girls are doing great! We are going to get a urine sample from Alaina though, because she's been complaining of pain when she goes potty. I pray that Alaina and Bella stay clear from any of my problems. It worries me, because I never want to see my girls in pain like that. Other than that, the doctor said they doing awesome. I just hope everything turns out normal with Alaina now.

After their appt.'s I went to Zumba and did some shopping at Target. Then I watched American Idol with Matt. It was a very nice evening with my hubby. Happy 9 years together! Well, goodnight everyone. Much love!


4/6/10 She loves her sissy

4/6/10 Bella with her pie face :)

Bella enjoying her baby food lol!