Friday, April 13, 2012

T-ball Season Begins!

Yesterday was Alaina's first practice game. I'm glad it was just a practice, because as we found out she still needs some catching up to do to those 6 year olds. She was so cute out there trying to fit in. The boys in her line would kick the dirt, so she would, then they would punch their gloves for the ball and you look over to her doing the same. I just got all giddy inside watching her take interest. 

Alaina even had a couple fans show up. As soon as she spotted her Aunt Annette and Uncle Johnny, she got all excited and that's when she started showing off her "skills". Matt and I were really impressed with this one grounder drill where she ran and scooped up the ball, then she threw it right to the coach without any thought. She's a natural. Now we just need to work on her self-esteem.  

 When she's put on the spot she kinda shuts down, but when the coach just let her do her thing she did great. Matt is determined to work with her more, so she can show those boys up lol!  There are three girls on her team now! Alaina loved that, and often stood near them, which was adorable, until one of them got hit in the nose. Thankfully, she was OK, but Alaina quickly learned why you always keep your head up.

The weather was beautiful. It would have been my mom's 51st birthday, so I'm sure she made sure that her granddaughter had some sun shining down on her birthday. I really do wish she was around. I don't remember much about her, but I know she would have loved to take part in all of these special occasions. She was a great shopper and I bet we would make good shopping buddies. My dad always told me that I was a lot like her and always found a good bargain like her. I know that she's smiling down and proud of her girls. Happy Birthday Mom! 

Saturday is Alaina's next practice game, then the real games start. I'm looking forward to it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a very fun and amusing season. ;)

 It was a beautiful day!

 Daddy's old hockey number :)

 She's so cute!

 That's my girl!

 With Aunt Annette
With Uncle Johnny

We are so proud of you honey!