Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!

I enjoy April Fools day. It's fun to have a reason to act like a kid again haha.  I started it off with a written note on tp that said, "Who goes there?". I then layed it across the toilet, hoping Matt would get a chuckle when he woke up in the morning, but that wasn't the case. Instead Alaina was the first one up and came in our bedroom yelling, "Daddy! Someone drew on our toilet!" Matt, slowly got out of bed to see what she was talking about and mumbling to Alaina that she probably did it, since she likes to draw on everything lol! There it was! He thought it was funny then, but didn't care for the getting out of bed on a Sunday at 7am lol! Eeeeek! My bad hehe.

Matt thought he'd be funny by making the girls milk blue in the morning, actually he was hoping for black, but settled for dark blue haha. They loved it, but wasn't the greatest idea right before church, AND it was Palm Sunday, so there's a lot more people there. The blue wasn't as bad once they brushed their teeth over and over lol!

After church Matt took Alaina to meet her teammates and get her uniform at the park. She looked adorable in her Dodgers uniform. Matt chose number 4, which was his old hockey number. I felt kinda bad, because the other girl couldn't make it, but Matt said she was playing with all those boys and having a good ol time. Hope she enjoys her first year of t-ball. Maybe she will be like her mommy and play softball for 9 years or even longer. Only if she enjoys it that is. I know I did! Her first game is on April 12th, my mom's b-day, which is neat.

Once Alaina came home, I had another prank awaiting for Matt haha. The night before, I poured some fingernail polish on wax paper and allowed it to dry. I then peeled it off and placed it on the floor with the dried up brush and bottle. It looked very convincing and if you know my daughters, then you know it's very believable to find fingernail polish somewhere lol! Matt almost started asking who did it, but I told him just to clean it up, while I ask. LOL! He's like, "WHAT!!!" He loved it and then turned around and played it on Alaina. She had the infamous confused look when she poked her finger in it. hahahah

Before bed, I played one more prank on the girls. I asked them if they would like a brownie and of course they jumped up and down screaming YES!!! Well, they got their brown-E ;)
 There's your brownies haha!
Alaina loved it, but poor Bella was a bit confused and asked where her brownie was, so they got something just as good, ice cream! :) I thought for sure Matt was going to get me back or had something up his sleeve, but I guess that was the whole joke part. Constantly, wondering if he was going to get me lol! Def not like him. I thought he had me by giving me nasty coffee that smelled of ginger (the smell that made me sick my whole trimester), but it turned out that the only coffee we had left was pumpkin coffee lol! Either way it was a funny April fools. 


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She looks so cute in her T-Ball gear!