Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Visit to Rosebrook 2012

Last Wednesday we went to Rosebrook Assisted Living home to visit the residents for Easter. We try to go twice a year with Aunt Sandy and her dogs. It's one of those traditions my girls look forward to, because they have a blast getting the treats ready to hand out. It's a humbling experience. My mom isn't around to do these things, so it means a lot that the girls have these opportunities that they may one day pass onto their kids. It's important to give back. God has blessed us so many times and we need to remember to pay it forward. <3

 Holly Berry just got her tags to be a therapy dog now. The girls love her as you can see.
 Aunt Sandy with her kiddos ;)

 Tanner and Tara

 Easter visit to Rosebrook
 Aunt Sandy with Tanner, Tara and Holly Berry

 Handing out candy-filled eggs to the residents

 So cute!

 They love the alligator, aka the elevator haha

 Enjoying the residents

 The dogs were comfy

 Bella was thrilled to see a cat there!
 "It's ok sissy, pet her."

 Nice day at Rosebrook

 My girls

 They loved holding the leashes

 I got this

Good lil helpers

It was another wonderful visit to Rosebrook with Aunt Sandy and the dogs. Definitely a tradition my girls and I will cherish forever.


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I bet the residents love seeing them!