Tuesday, March 27, 2012

80 and Spring?

We had some REALLY nice weather last week, esp. for spring, and that usually means the housework is put on hold and we go out somewhere to enjoy it, but sadly I was really sick in the stomach for over 4 days, so we did our best to enjoy it in our own back yard. To be honest with you we loved it!

We made fresh lemonade, had picnics for lunch and dinner two days in a row, drove the mustang, (real and power-wheel haha), enjoyed popsicles and ice cream on the warmer days, planted flowers, Alaina enjoyed digging up worms and jumping in the puddle on the rainy day, took their butterfly tent out and the girls had so much fun playing with their toys in it, played in the sandbox and playset.

It was so nice to relax at home and still enjoy the beautiful weather with my girls. Reminds me that we don't always have to be out doing something. After all, "Home is where the heart is" <3

 Alaina digging up worms

 Enjoying the tent


 What better place to make a mess haha

 Seriously! I am one blessed mommy

 Like daddy, like daughters haha

 Beautiful day for a cruise in the stang ;)
 I always get pics of Alaina while Bella takes her nap, but this time I got to get Bella while sissy took her nap. :)

Before church I thought I'd get some pics of the girls in their pretty dresses. Maybe I will use a couple for an Easter card, but I'm sure I will be taking more before then haha.

Basket full of love

 Daddy was being silly and they were giving it right back to him lol