Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Bonfire and an Engagement all in one!


Last Saturday was our first Halloween Bonfire. Some friends suggested that we have a Halloween party, so we figured why not. It was a big success! A lot people came and there were so many great costumes. If that wasn't great enough my friend Courtney also got engaged at our party.  How awesome is that!

Her fiance James asked me if we'd mind if he did and I was honored! It meant so much to us to know that they he wanted us to be a part of it. Thank you so much James <3

He had a few great ideas how he wanted to do it,  #1 Play pin the stem on the pumpkin and when she took her blindfold off he'd be on one knee. #2 Have her bob for apples and there be only one apple with the ring in it lol. #3 Fill the cookout shed with fog, so she couldn't see when he called her in, then once the fog settled, he'd be on one knee. #4 I would gather everyone for a group photo, then he'd tell me to take one more photo and get on one knee.

As you can see there were many great ideas, but he knew that Court was shy and would rather it be something simple, so he had me pretend to go into the house for something and they followed me to "warm up".

Then when we got in the only room where there weren't any people, he grabbed the bouquet of flowers he had me get beforehand, out of the vase on the table and gave it to her. She was like, "Why are you giving these to me." Then he said, "I had Ashley get them for you." She asked, "Why would you do that." Then he went, "This is why." There he was on one knee giving her his speech in my kitchen! It was very sweet and I got a bunch of pics. :) Courtney was crying, I was crying. It was beautiful!

We then went outside to share the great news and I made them a toast. It seriously was the best Halloween party I've ever been to. How could it not? Congratulations Courtney and James! I know you two will have a life full of love and happiness. Much love <3

PhotobucketThe invite

PhotobucketMy cute lil kitty
PhotobucketAlaina and mommy
PhotobucketAlaina checking out the Insane Asylum
PhotobucketMatt thought Bella would make a cute devil and boy was he right!
PhotobucketShe's so cute!
PhotobucketBella as a cute lil devil
PhotobucketBella with gram
PhotobucketLook at that grin on James's face haha. He got Alaina silly string and couldn't wait to teach her how to use it. LOL!
PhotobucketCourtney teaching Alaina how to spray the silly string
Photobucket"Let's get mommy first." LOL!
PhotobucketKate the cute old lady
PhotobucketBella as a lil devil and daddy as a purgatory angel.
PhotobucketKate and Mike as an old couple. Love it!
PhotobucketMatt's mom as a dead Rite Aid clerk.
PhotobucketLandon with his gram
PhotobucketLandon and Bella. Look at Landon's face lol!
Photobucketwith Kate
PhotobucketHalloween bonfire
PhotobucketEric and Marilyn as pirates
PhotobucketCam as a nerd haha.
PhotobucketNichole showing Aunt Jen her outfit lol.
PhotobucketCourtney and Bella
PhotobucketCourtney and James
PhotobucketAlaina playing with her belated b-day gifts. Can you tell that she loved Aunt Annette's lasagna? lol
PhotobucketBella and mommy
PhotobucketHalloween family pic
PhotobucketJohnny the gas man
PhotobucketMe as a witch
PhotobucketNJ as Dr. House
PhotobucketNichole and Megan by the fire
PhotobucketWith my bff
PhotobucketDon't even ask! LOL!
PhotobucketHere it comes!
PhotobucketShe had no clue
PhotobucketSo cute!
PhotobucketShe said YES!
PhotobucketCongrats James and Court! <3
PhotobucketThe beautiful ring
PhotobucketCongrats Court!
PhotobucketWith Courtney and the Congrat-ulations cake I made them. lol
PhotobucketAshley, Courtney and me

PhotobucketCongrats to the both of you! We love you.