Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet N Sour Weekend

This weekend has been anything but calm. On Saturday, Alaina locked herself in the bathroom for almost an hour! She had done this in the past, but was able to unlock it and get out. This wasn't the case this time.

For a half hour I tried to guide her in unlocking the door. I heard her trying, but no success. It was stuck! Great! Now what? I then called Matt at least 10 times, but they were so busy at work that he didn't hear his phone. :(

There I was sitting in the hall trying to keep her calm. She broke my heart when she said, "Mommy I'm going to be locked in here forever." I told her that I would break down the door if I had to. I felt like a mother of one of the Chile miners. Even though this was nothing in the extreme, but to have your 3 year old daughter scared like that and all you can do is keep her mind occupied and calm, that's what I felt like.

I slid her toys, books and even candy, which helped for awhile, then she started crying again. Matt finally called back and told Alaina that he was on his way. YAY! To know that her night in shining armor was coming to her rescue helped calm her down for awhile. :)

We live in a much older house, where the doors aren't like they are now. It don't help to take the door handle off, because the lock is below it and the hinges like most doors today are on the inside, so I couldn't even take the whole door off if I wanted to. *Sighs*

After 15 or so minutes, Matt arrived and crawled up the laundry shoot lol. He said his butt must have grown since he was a kid, because he used to climb up it all the time when his grandparents lived here. haha. Then he used a long pole to unlock the door. ALAINA IS FREE!!! It was the best feeling when she ran into my arms and started crying happy tears. I just held her until she fell asleep in my arms. I doubt she will ever lock that door again, but Matt is changing that lock asap.

If that wasn't bad enough, Bella also broke her fan pull that turns her light on and off. It's my fault, because she loves to touch the beads on the pull, so I often lift her up so she can touch them. Well, this time she pulled too hard and broke it. Now, her light don't work. :( That will be another thing Matt needs to get at Trader Horn lol. Hopefully, he won't need to get a whole fan though!

On top of all that, Matt stepped in someone's dog poo while getting the mail and tracked it in the house on our new carpet! OMG! I just wanted to cry. Luckily, it was only on two spots and Matt scrubbed the heck out of it and got it all out. Took awhile for that nasty smell to disappear, but it did.

As you can imagine, I was so ready for Saturday to be over, but it wasn't over until the following morning when Alaina finally decided to go to sleep at 1 am! The only good thing about that is that we had to turn the clocks back that night and she wouldn't get up so early, but in our case she needed to get up early to go to church, but it all worked out.

On Sunday, we ALL went to church. Most of the time Matt stays home with Bella, while Alaina and I go ourselves, so it was nice for us all to go. Following, church we went to a luncheon the church had, and we got to meet some wonderful people..

After Church, we did a lil shopping and had dinner at Matt's mom's house. It's so nice to have a home cooked meal made for you. It was delicious! Thank you Kathy. Hopefully, next weekend will go much smoother than this one haha. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend at least. Much love.
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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That sounds like a rough day! I hate when everything goes wrong at once!