Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Thursday (10/28/10)

Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on my blogging. It's been crazy these past few weeks. We've had three family Birthdays, five parties, Halloween and everything in between. I'm looking forward to the break until Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, it's been fun. Just need to recoup. :)

Anyways, last thursday the girls carved their pumpkins. Alaina really got in there and surprisingly enjoyed the slimy insides. She had it all over her, including inside her nose LOL!. She cracks me up. Bella just sat there and watched. I allowed her to touch the slimy guts too, but that didn't last long before she pulled her hands away. Maybe next year she will be more open minded about it. :)

Daddy did a great job! He made a owl pumpkin, a skull pumpkin and a smiley pumpkin. It only took him like an hour and a half too! He's awesome like that. <3

The next day Ethan came over to carve his pumpkin. We bought an extra one just in case my dad couldn't get out to get one and good thing we did. Ethan chose the other skull pumpkin picture, so after dinner away Ethan and Uncle Matt went carving his pumpkin. It turned out great as well.

Ethan was SOOO proud of it! He told me to take pictures and said he couldn't wait to take it home and light it back up. It made me feel good to see him appreciate his Uncle Matt's hard work and I'm sure it made Matt feel good as well. Here's a bunch of pics of our pumpkin carving experience :)

Photobucket Yay for pumpkin carving! :)
PhotobucketBella's so cute!
PhotobucketLove her!
PhotobucketShe's loving it!
PhotobucketSlime everywhere haha
PhotobucketAlaina and daddy
PhotobucketAlaina with her pumpkin
PhotobucketShe loved her pumpkin
PhotobucketBella Boo with our pumpkins
PhotobucketOur pumpkins <3
PhotobucketPretty neat
PhotobucketShe was so intrigued
PhotobucketEthan's turn!
PhotobucketHe was excited
PhotobucketEthan with his vampire teeth
PhotobucketHe loved his pumpkin
PhotobucketThank you Uncle Matt!
PhotobucketMatt caught a moment of Bella and mommy napping <3
PhotobucketWith my Bella boo
PhotobucketAlaina and Bella 10/27/10
PhotobucketDoing the Halloween craft Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou sent. Thank you guys!
PhotobucketShe loved it
PhotobucketThank you Uncle Lou and Aunt Sandy. I had so much fun!
PhotobucketShe loved her piggies :)
PhotobucketStop choking me sis!
Photobucketor I will bite you lol
PhotobucketShe melts my heart <3
PhotobucketMy girls <3