Sunday, November 14, 2010

Indian Summer Saturday

Today was almost 70 degrees and it's November! What better way to enjoy it than taking the family to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou's cabin. Matt wanted to show his Uncle his new truck and the girls just love it up there, so away we went. This is no ordinary cabin either. It's like a museum!

Uncle Lou  and Aunt Sandy are very talented and built that place from the ground up. There's so much history and art in there. You just can't help to be in awe when you look around or out from the upstairs porch. Their cabin is way up on this mountain, so the view is gorgeous! I can't even begin to tell you the time and work that's went into that place. It's hard to even imagine.

Today they showed us this quilt that a bunch of 90 year old woman hand stitched for them. I mean every part of that quilt is done by hand. It's amazing! Oh and this palette this woman painted them is BEAUTIFUL! The colors just pop when you look at it.

That's nothing though, there are church windows he was able to get from the church they got married at and antique furniture that you wouldn't believe. Plus the furniture he built with his own bare hands! It's just an amazing place.

The cabin is a lil over an hour drive, which gave the girls some time to nap, while Matt and I enjoyed the ride. That man still cracks me up with the things he comes up with. I thought I was going to pee my pants, but luckily I made it there with no accidents. LOL!

There's so much to do and the view is beautiful! Bella loved those dogs and even called them doggies a couple times. Maybe next time she will have the word down pat. Alaina played catch with the labs, fed the coy fish, went out in the paddle boat with daddy and even made a lil friend. :)

 Thank you Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou for having us and making us dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves and the food was delicious! The girls thank you for their Santa ornaments also. I just put their names on the hats like you suggested and they look adorable. I will send you pics. :)

After visiting with Uncle Lou and Aunt Sandy, we went over to my brother's place to watch the game. Alaina, Ethan and Bella had a lot of fun keeping me on my toes lol, but it was a wonderful family day, so it was. :) My grandma always adds that "So it was." and now I catch myself doing it. haha I hope everyone else had a wonderful saturday and enjoyed this beautiful weather.

PhotobucketBella's first ride in daddy's truck
PhotobucketAlaina's first ride in daddy's truck
PhotobucketThey love those dogs
PhotobucketSo cute
PhotobucketBella with her Great Aunt Sandy


PhotobucketEnjoying the day

PhotobucketI love this pic of Bella and her Great Uncle Lou

PhotobucketAlaina is ready to go

PhotobucketAlaina and daddy in the paddle boat

PhotobucketBella with Uncle Lou

PhotobucketThe sun was bright
PhotobucketSaying bye to her lil friend
PhotobucketAlaina's caterpillar friendPhotobucket11/13/10
PhotobucketBella makes the funniest faces lol


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That cabin looks awesome! I'm glad you had a nice day!