Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Good Day Gone HORRIBLE 11/15/10

Monday started off as a wonderful day with the girls. We went out to lunch, surprised daddy with a visit at work, did a lil shopping then to the park. Couldn't have asked for a better fall day with my girls.

Well, that quickly changed...... I just bought Alaina this purple and silver Christmas bell that she picked out. Everytime we go to Target, I allow the girls to pick out a little toy. I mean it's a dollar why not. Boy do I wish I didn't do just that on Sunday. :(

There were I'm guessing 6 of these purple and silver bells with the x-mas books in the dollar toy aisle, so I thought nothing of it when she asked to get it. I actually thought it was cute and told her that she could even hang it on her door.

The next day Bella got her perfect little right thumb stuck in this bell and it sliced it open pretty bad. She ended up getting 9 stitches in the front and 3 in the back. It was so traumatic on us all. Poor Alaina cried, "My bell hurt baby Bella mommy." She saw all the blood on the bell, sissy, the floor and me. Just horrible!

Luckily, Matt was just getting home and was able to continue putting pressure on her thumb, while I got Alaina ready for grandmas. Then Matt and I rushed our baby to the ER where they had to stitch her up.

I ended up having to go in the waiting room, because I couldn't stop crying and didn't want to scare Bella even more. I could still hear her screaming in the waiting room. It just broke my heart. All the what ifs started going through my mind and I blamed myself. If only I could trade places with her. :'(

When we got home, Matt checked out the bell and almost cut his finger on the sharp edges. He said that bell shouldn't be sharp like that even for an adult. My dad told me to go down and let them know before another child or adult gets cut on it, so I did.

After telling her what happened she said that she was going to take them off the shelves immediately and inform all the other Targets, which made me feel a little better. I gave her all my info and she's to call me back, because they need to fill out an incident report.

Yesterday and so far today Bella has been a trooper. The ER doctor said that we can't put a bandage on it, because of choking hazards, so it's up to us to keep it clean. I don't want it to get infected, so every hour I clean it really good and put on the antibacterial cream they gave for her.

As you can imagine, it was definately not a good day for Bella nor us. I thank God that she's ok and doing well. I just gotta worry about keeping it from being picked at and clean now. Thank you everyone for your kind words and best wishes. Means so much to us.

Here are a couple pics of her poor little thumb. :( Please pray for her to heal quickly and for her scar to become unnoticable. Thank you so much.

9 stitches in the front

                                                              3 more stitches in the back


Paige said...

That poor baby! Shame on Target for having something like that out. I mean yes, it could be a mistake but items should be checked for hazards! Thank you for posting to let other aware of this item as well! I hope that all of you have a better week!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I still cringe every time I see that picture. Poor Bella! I hope the stitch removal went well today!