Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Jay!!!

Jay and Jen

Last Saturday was our friend Jay's birthday party. His actual birthday was on the 6th. Jen, his gf asked to use our house and did most of the work, which was nice for a change lol. We love Jay though and would have threw him a party anyways, but it turned out great!

 Alaina calls him Uncle Jay lol. He's a great guy. He even colors with Alaina haha. Sorry Jay had to do it haha. Matt met him from work and he lives right up the road, so he's here often and helps us out a lot.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Jay's birthday! It was great seeing you all. Jay had a big smile the whole night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, so I would call it a success. Happy Birthday "Uncle Jay"!!! We love you!

Jordan, Sammie, Alaina and Bella
 Matt is behind the tree on Big Money haha
 I missed it, but Matt grabbed Bobby's beer up off the ground and started drinking it. on his way past. It was hilarious!

 Matt acting all natural. haha

 Dude! Where's my beer? haha

 Eric giving his daughter a ride on the quad, while Jordan takes Alaina for a lil walk.
 Alaina with her buddy Jordan
 Bobby fits Big Money like a glove haha

 Eric with his daughter
 Eric with his son
 Enjoying the beautiful night around the fire

Happy Birthday Jay!!!