Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Monday


On Monday, we went shopping. Before shopping though, I looked out my front door to see what this lil tapping sound was and there was the culprit! This squirrel was nibbling at our porch! Luckily, we have to replace the bottoms of our pillars anyways. Let's just hope he don't come back after Matt replaces them next spring. He was cute though. haha


Bella got a bunch of gift cards for her b-day and needed some more 12 month clothes, since she's taking after her mommy. LOL! I can't wait to get her into all of the 18 month outfits she got for her b-day. They are all so cute! Thank you everyone who bought her them. I also got her couple pair of shoes/boots, a dvd, Halloween wear and a couple learning toys. She's set for a month or two lol. Alaina grew out of shoes every month, so it seemed. Maybe Bella will take it slow. ;)

After shopping we got lunch and headed home for an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. I'm just loving this cool Fall weather. Can't wait to get the girls into those leaf piles daddy makes so well. That's the only reason Matt don't care for Fall. lol.

Alaina thought it was hilarious when I would stroll through the leaves along the road and say, "Crackle, crackle, crackle." Then I'd stop and throw leaves onto her and Bella. Those lil giggles are priceless. Have a Fallerrific week! :)

PhotobucketThanks for my Tinkerbell pjs Court, James and Hayden. Mommy let me open that one early, since I got my hands on it anyways. haha



PhotobucketBella enjoying the books Court and wearing the outfit Court got her. Thanks!





PhotobucketAre you talking to me?

PhotobucketShe cracks me up.

PhotobucketOne of the items Alaina wanted to get. She thought they were ears. LOL! She looks cute in them either way ;)