Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Alaina!!! (10-15-2010)

On Alaina's actual Birthday, we started the morning with opening gifts Bella got her. Matt was off that day, so he got to join in on the fun. It was so cute watching Bella hand her the gifts. Alaina ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug. It's the greatest feeling to see your kids get along and love eachother as much as they do.

Then we took the girls along with my nephew to Wildwood Highlands. They had so much fun running around the jungle gym, playing in the balls and playing games. I'm glad we decided to go there this time.

After playing and eating dinner at Wildwood, we went home to sing Happy Birthday. Alaina has been asking to eat that Tinkerbell cake for two days, so she was thrilled to finally get that cake topper and eat her cake. She had a wonderful 3rd Birthday and to think on Sunday she will be having her party! She's one blessed little girl. Happy Birthday Alaina! We love you so much!

 They adore eachother
 The Birthday Girl
 Here are your gifts I got you sissy :)
 Opening sissy's gifts
 Bella wanted to help :)
 My Lil Pony toys
 Clothes and new light up sketchers
 Giving sissy a Thank you hug
 Bella boo
 Making her shoes light up
 Are you talking to me?
 Love her!
 We got another lil shopper on our hands :)
 Happy Birthday Alaina
 Trying on her coat
 She's getting so big!
 Alaina and mommy
 With my birthday girl
 At Wildwood Highlands
 Alaina and Mommy
 She's having a blast
 So is Bella!
 She's so cute!
 Bella, Ethan and Alaina
 Alaina and Bella
 Happy Birthday Alaina!
 Bella adores Ethan
 Having a good ol time
 Ethan and Alaina
 Bella and Ethan
 Ethan is almost 6!
 Having fun with some other kids
 Playing games
 I bet you're not looking forward to these daddy. LOL!
 Birthday girl
 Playing games

 Ethan playing air hockey with his Uncle Matt

 Playing games
 Ethan helping Alaina down. SO cute!

 The Tinkerbell cake Alaina picked out

 Happy Birthday!
 Make a wish
 Alaina is 3!
 Ethan loving it
Opening more gifts from Court. Thanks Court!
Happy Birthday Alaina! We love you so much!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad she had a great birthday!