Wednesday, May 26, 2010



The last couple days have been beautiful! I love this warm weather. My body feels so much better in warmer weather. Well, if the back was fully healed it would. It didn't stop me from taking the girls to the park yesterday and today.

We've been enjoying it to the fullest. Both days have been full of playing at the park, getting icecream, drinking lemonade while swinging on the porch swing, having picnics and taking walks.

Today Matt was told to go to the ER by workers comp, because after surgery he up getting a huge mass. The doctor continued to tell him it was normal and it just needed to heal. Well, Matt explained what was going on to the comp nurse and she said to get a second opinion.

Now tomorrow at noon he has to get surgery to have it drained. They said it was coagulated blood from surgery. I feel so bad for him, because you can tell he's nervous and for him to be nervous is a big deal. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you!

After the long trip to the ER, we all went to the store and got some odds and ends, including a new grill, which Matt is thrilled about. I also got some outdoor games and toys we can play with. I wanted to get another play pool, but the ones they had left were cracked, so I need to go somewhere else now.

We bumped into my sister in law, Annette and her family at Wal-mart and they invited us to go see their new house they just bought. It's big and beautiful! The girls will have a blast playing with Landon on their basketball court. I'm glad they found the house of their dreams. Congrats to you all. Much love :)

Well, Matt is still putting the grill together, so I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone!