Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5/15/10 Bella blue

Saturday we got things done around the house and Matt did some more painting in Alaina's room. We have decided to let the girls have thier own room now and once we get our room done later on down the road we may move them in there.



Saturday evening we went with Anne and Chris to the watch the Pittsburgh Roller Derby at Romp N Roll. It's like the movie Whip It. It was a lot of fun. Those girls really can give and take a beating. The one girl even got knocked out, which was pretty scary, but after awhile she was back on the floor. I will be posting pics soon.
Matt and me at the derby 5/15/10
Steel City Derby Demons took on the ladies of the Suburbia Roller Derby 5/15/10
Anne and Chris at the Pittsburgh Girl's Roller Derby 5/15/10

Sunday was my great nephew Landon's Baptism. He was such a good baby. Like Bella he didn't even cry when the water was poured over his head. It was a nice Baptism.

Landon's Baptism 5/16/10
Landon's Baptism 5/16/10

Landon's Baptism 5/16/10
God Bless Landon James Daily

Blessing the father
Matt the Godfather helping out
Landon with his Mommy and Godmommy :)
God Bless Landon!

God Bless Landon!
Alaina with mommy
Alaina with Chris
Landon getting Baptised 5/16/10
Landon with mommy
Bella with Chris
5/16/10 Landon with his Godmother, Gabby
Bella with Auntie Anne

ALaina enjoying the her new book.
Alaina and Bella with thier Grandma and Auntie Anne at Landon's Baptism 5/16/10

After the Baptism they took us all out for lunch at North Park Clubhouse. Alaina had a blast running around and playing the games.
Bella with Auntie Anne 5/16/10
Riding the carousel
at North Park
5/16/10 Bella with Landon
Landon and Bella

Monday was much cooler than previous days. All it did was rain, so we had a laid back monday filled with board games, movies and dress up. For dinner we baked the chicken parmesan Ashley made for us and it was delicious. Thanks again Ash! :)
Alaina in her tutu
She melts my heart 5/17/10

Can't wait for the sun to return. At least we are getting more done in Alaina's room. Matt is pretty much done with the painting. Now I need to go order new carpet for the living room and bed room. Well, I'm off to bed. Gotta get stitches out tomorrow BLAH! Goodnight everyone.