Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bella is 8 months!


Today, May 21st my baby girl is 8 months old! In four months she will be having her first birthday party. I can't beleive it!

We had a nice laid back friday at home. Alaina and I went out to play while Bella took her nap. We had so much fun swinging, playing ball, cleaning up the swingset, playing with toys and having tea. Alaina has such a great imagination. Maybe she will be a writer one day.

Saturday Matt had to work, so I got some things done around the house and then I noticed my shirt being damp.

After getting my stitches out on wednesday, I started feeling like when I would bend down it was as if I was splitting the incision open. I tried looking in the mirror, but couldn't get a good look at it, so I just shrugged it off and figured it was just healing.

Well, today it was warm to touch, itchy and fluid was on my shirt. I asked Matt to take a look at it and he flipped out. He said I needed to go to the ER asap!

I thought maybe he was overreacting, so I called the Dr. and she told me to get to the ER right away. They said the incision was opened up pretty good and that it was infected! As you can imagine, I was freaking out.

After three doctors came in to look at it, and spoken with my doctor, they put me on antibiotics, took cultures, cleaned it up, put sutures on it, gave no lifting orders and I went home.

They told me that they may want me to stay overnight and I said if I didn't have to then please let me go home, because I am not putting my open incision in jeopardy of getting staff infection for obvious reasons and they actually took my advice, I think.

Now I am waiting to get the culture results and need to see the dr tomorrow. He may still need to give me stitches, but said I will most likely have to just let it heal from the inside out, since it's infected.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. Please keep me in your prayers. I'm really nervous that it may not heal correctly. On a happier note here are some pics of my adorable girls. They keep me going :)

My baby is 8 months!
Look at those baby blues

What! Are you serious? I'm 8 months already!

:) 5/21/10

Playing in the swingset 5/21/10

Tea time
Tea time

Bella making a mess of Alaina's drawer haha
Alaina riding her quad 5/21/10
She's so cute!

Enjoying the beautiful day

She will be walking soon :) Bella 8 months video

Sweet dreams baby girl 5/22/10
She fell asleep in the bean bag :) 5/22/10
Cheesy grin haha
She is too funny


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 8 months, Bella!
Keeping you in my prayers, Ashley. That sounds absolutely horrible!