Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good news monday

She loves her Aunt Kelly 5/24/10

Thank God after seeing my doctor today, he said the antibiotics are working. The redness is going down and fluid is now clear, so I couldn't be more relieved.

Now I just need to keep taking antibiotics, keep the incision clean, and no lifting more than 15 lbs. Everything but the lifting part will be ok. Bella alone is 17-18 lbs now. My lil porker :)

It was a nice day with my sister, Ethan and the girls. Thanks Kel for helping me out. The kids had a great time playing outside.

Ethan wanted to catch a butterfly and Kel was explaining to him that you can't because he may hurt their wings. Well, he still wanted to, so she told him that butterflies are to remind us of loved ones who passed on like our mommy and his grandma.

While she was explaining this to him a big black buttlerfly flew all around us. It was so precious. It was as if mom was proving my sister's story to be true. If so, it worked, because Ethan then changed the subject and continued to play with Alaina.

It was a nice monday. Thank you all for your prayers <3


You got it dude :)

With Aunt Kel