Friday, May 28, 2010

Fawn Friday


We've had a couple crazy days. What else is new right? lol. No seriously! For the most part though, they were a lot of fun!

Yesterday, we started the day outside. The birds were chirping while Alaina was blowing bubbles and Bella giggling at her. It was so precious.

Around lunch time, Matt had to get his area drained from complications with his previous hernia repair surgery. They took three huge syringe fulls and he still has to go back 2-3 more times to get it done, so as you can imagine, he's not too happy.

He said it was very painful, poor guy. Sad thing is this morning it's back to the same size and the nurse said it's normal he's just a quick filler. What the heck does that mean? *Sighs*

Then the workers comp nurse told him that he's off until the 10th. I'm happy about it, but of course he's not. He don't understand why. At least he's still getting paid. No wonder he didn't heal correctly. He does not sit down. Men! lol

We got the girls a pool for all this beautiful weather. They love it! Bella splashes all around and they are really enjoying it. They will get some use out of it for awhile, so I'm glad I went ahead and got the better one now.
They loved it!
5/27/10 5/27/10
Alaina was so cute. We were sitting on the swing looking through the mail. I got my Parents magazine and showed Alaina that the lil girl on the front had the same bathing suit as her. She said, "Hey girl, that's mine please share." I cracked up.
For dinner we cooked out on the new grill in the cookout shed. It was a nice lil picnic. Then we ended the night renting Valentine's Day. I thought it was a wonderful movie.

Today we got up early and went outside. I love to go out early in the morning. There's something so different and nice about starting your morning out in the sun. The girls went swimming again and during lunch the oddest thing happend....


5/28/10 With mommy in the pool 5/28/10

We were sitting in the cookout shed eating lunch. Matt looks out the window and says OMG! There's a baby fawn coming up here. Of course I had to look for myself and sure enough there it was! Alaina feeling his leg Alaina was scared at first then fell in love 5/28/10
Video of Bambi. Please excuse my husbands potty mouth :/ 5/28/10

The poor thing was so thin and dehydrated. I didn't know what to do. We just looked at eachother while this baby fawn was rubbing up against all of us looking for nips. I felt so bad for him, so we fed it some water with a bottle for now and hoped it the mother would come back for him. Yes, it's a male, Matt accidently felt it. haha

Alaina named him, Bambi. Bambi was licking our legs and playing with Alaina. It was the oddest thing. He even went up to the dog cage and allowed Doser to lick his nose. We knew something wasn't right. He didn't look good at all, so we called the game commission and the zoo.

They both said to leave it be and the mother would come back. I don't think they understood how young and bad this fawn looked, but we did as they advised. We went inside and hoped the mother would come back but after two hours nothing.

Then the baby started crying louder and louder, so we went to the store to get goat's milk. By time we came back it was storming and Bambi was crying nonstop. When Matt went back to check on him there were crows all around him. It was as if they were waiting for him to die and he was soaked :( Matt had to step in. He wasn't about to allow this baby to give up. Something obviously happened to the mother.

Now we have this baby deer sleeping on our side porch until we can find a place that rehabilitates deer. Matt even hid outside with the laptop playing crying fawn sounds, hoping he'd see a deer come near, but nothing. We don't know what else to do. Please pray for God guide us to the right path. Thanks so much.

5/28/10 Girls enjoying their new pool 5/27/10 5/27/10 Blowing bubbles
Bella helping daddy build his grill haha 5/27/10 She's so cute!
Ahh! Help me out of here haha

5/27/10 5/27/10 5/27/10 5/28/10 5/28/10 cute lil bum :)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love the pool pictures. Alaina's suit is really cute.
The story about the fawn broke my heart! I'm so glad you're taking care of it. I hope you find a good home for it soon. I will ask around!

Ashley said...

Thanks Stef! We found her a great home thanks to the animal rescue center.